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Ice Tsunamis Are Now A Thing And The Only Logical Explanation Is The World Is Ending

Extreme weather disasters have become a staple ingredient to the nightly news bulletin. Hurricanes, flash floods and post-apocalyptic wild fires are now sadly, commonplace. Climate change has well and truly bared its brute and unrelenting force but there’s another disaster that’s got us anxiously awaiting the end of the damn planet.

Ice tsunamis. 

One would be forgiven in thinking ice tsunami is a reference to a scene in the end-of-the-world disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow. Upon thinking back to this classic 2004 showcase of OTT apocalyptic cinematography, we are then naturally reminded of a soaked and shivering Jake Gyllenhaal…totally cute and helpless. Okay that’s not really the point here but ice tsunamis definitely are and friends, this may really be the start of the end.

Ice tsunamis are belting America’s Great Lakes at the moment and the videos are a stark reminder that Trump is a walking, talking embodiment of fake news – not shocked/surprised/confused by this. The Great Lakes are a series of interconnected lakes in the northeastern pocket of North America and recently, they’ve frozen over. Strong currents and brutish ocean winds have formed enormous shards of ice that are now surging onto roads, beaches and coastlines.

It’s climate change on steroids and Trump can eat his climate-change-denying heart out with this one. Good luck bandaid-ing these vids and pics with a bullshit ‘fake news’ tweet.

Winds are measuring upwards of 100km/h and whilst we’re all shocked and terrified over what’s happening over in the US right now, this phenomena is not uncommon. Reports of ice tsunamis, also known as ice shoves, were made back in 2001 when walls of ice were measuring up to 7 storeys high. That’s a mid-rise apartment, folks. That’s terrifying.

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