Iceland Wants You To, Quite Literally, Scream At Them To Relieve Your Pent-Up Iso Stress

I have never felt more seen, thank you Iceland.

Safe to say we’ve all been feeling a little tense lately. What with a global pandemic (that’s going into its second wave, yay -.-), a constant stream of cripplingly depressing news (hurrah -.-), Kanye 2020 (good grief) and absolutely no escape from the oppressive tedium of daily life (oof that got dark). It really makes you want to scream.

Well, now you can and, better yet, you can scream in Iceland.

Perhaps not physically, but technologically. A new app and website from Promote Iceland has taken our global sense of suffocating stress and turned it into a hilarious, relatable, tourism campaign to show off what the country has to offer.

Inspired by footage from a Japanese amusement park that encouraged visitors to “scream inside your heart” while on a rollercoaster to minimise the spread of COVID-19. The notion was captured in a hilariously ridiculous video of two of the park’s execs sitting silent and still on a rollercoaster.

But back to Iceland, where screaming is being encouraged outside one’s heart and into the wilderness of the nordic country.

Promote Iceland, a government tourism initiative, has launched the Looks Like You Need Iceland campaign that encourages people from around the world to let it all out in guttural screams that will be played into the Icelandic wilderness.

Sounds like a scream.


As the website says: “You’ve been through a lot this year and it looks like you need the perfect place to let your frustrations out. Somewhere big, vast and untouched. It looks like you need Iceland.”.

I do, I really, really do. Thank you, Iceland.

You can upload your scream to be played from one of seven speakers placed around the empty and unbelievably beautiful country.

The friendly folk of Iceland have also included screaming tips from a mental health professional to get the most out of your scream. Of course, for more serious issues, they suggest seeking the support of a mental health professional. Good call, Iceland.

And while some were concerned about the stress our anguished screams may cause to the flora and fauna, and the possible viking hauntings we may invoke, the general consensus is thank you, Iceland.

Check out the campaign video to see where you could be screaming from.

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