The Most Iconic Aussie Ads Ever

Well the MLA’s fresh, multi-cultural, diversity embracing, tongue in cheeky Australia Day Australia-embracing ad has certainly been all the rage. With celeb cameo galore (as we’ve come to expect), it’s certainly a big statement on a controversial area – and it seems destined for Australian ad folklore.

So that got us thinking and strolling down memory lane, as we reminisced a simpler time full of ads that while generally aimed for commercial success, became just as much part of our vernacular and Australian lifestyle.

Bigpond – The China Effect

A bloody classic. There’s no other real words for it. Thirty seconds of simplicity that have had us quoting for years. Simply because we’ve all been in that situation where we are young and inquisitive, or just have straight up no idea. Gold.

Natural Confectionary Company – Don’t Chop The Dinosaur

Have you ever looked at animal-shaped confectionery the same way? Probably not. Oh and just to really make you feel really old, it’s been over a decade since this ad went to air.

Yellow Pages – Not Happy Jan

Sort of crazy how an ad for the Yellow Pages can etch itself into Australian culture with simply three words. That relatable idea at play again, because we’ve almost all been in that position of screwing something up so badly (whether it be at work or not) and just wanting to leg it. If only it was a reality.

AAPT – Maaaaate

No words.

Niocrette – No Gary

Anti-ciggy ads have taken a different approach in recent years, but this more light hearted approach got the people going. We do love our Gary’s though, don’t we. NIIIIICEE.. I’ll stop.

Ingham – Bloody Oath

Hands down probably my favourite Australian ad ever. Mainly because my bloody oath daily ratio use has been at all time highs since. Continues our love for the family aspect, adding some road rage and a cheeky kid. Was always bound to be a winner.

Cottees – My Dad Picks The Fruit

Look, either mum let you skull this by the bottle or wouldn’t let you get near it because of the sugar levels. Either way, this ad was the start of the “all the kids drink this shit so if you don’t, who the bloody hell are ya?”

Tourism Australia – Where The Bloody Hell Are You?

Five seconds of screen time that created a career. Throw Lara Bingle on a beach, give her some slang, and the rest is bloody history.

Qantas – I Still Call Australia Home

Basically a pseudo Australian anthem, this banger from Qantas had me in tears at times was a proper iconic moment. Filmed a couple of times over, it was the ad that actually made your primary/high school choir seem like a decent career choice.

Cadbury – They Call Me Caramello

At the height of Cadbury fundraising boxes, it’s impossible to not remember the chorus. To be honest as someone who has a surname that rhymes with Caramello, I copped a fair bit of the brunt. But totally worth it for the millions of these I’ve slaughtered.

Toyota – Bugger

Only in Australia can you blatantly change a curse to a similarly sounding phrase and air on national television. And only in Australia does everyone absolute love it.

Four ‘N Twenty – The Great Australian Taste

Tradies versus corporates at it’s finest, turning the pie into one of the staple Australian foods.

Mortein – Louie

Has an insect ever been so damn loveable? Despite his crude nature, you always wanted old mate Louie to come out on top. And even years upon years later, he’s still killing it on our screens.

Libra – Invisible

Wish I could comment.

AAMI – Rhonda & Katut

A better love story than Twilight. It’s a shame we don’t see much of these two anymore, but they secretly captivate all of our dating lives.

Carlton Draught – Big Ad

All hail the GOAT. Simple, blatant, big. Carlton Draught will never do anything as good as this, heck no one else may ever do it.

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