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Iconic ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Is Making A Comeback So You Can Shit Yourself In Adulthood too

True crime fans assemble!

Unsolved Mysteries was an iconic show back in the day, and it’s back in all it’s 80s-90s nostalgic glory – so you can shit yourself just like you did back then.

Now look, I was born in that weird phase between the 90s and 2000s where I’m old enough to have some 90’s nostalgia and vaguely remember 9/11, but young enough to have the word “yeet” be part of my vocabulary. So, Unsolved Mysteries was actually way before my time – but being a poor household in Sydney’s western suburbs that couldn’t afford Foxtel, you bet I was watching all those weird American rerun shows on our analogue TV that probably weren’t for kids – and Unsolved Mysteries was a total fave.

With all the neon colours and funky synths, it’s very Stranger Things-esque (for all you Zoomer babies that associated the aesthetic with the show rather than the era), and so it’s no surprise that Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy is running the reboot alongside original creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer.

The original doco was a mash-up of a bunch of freaky stories, based on murders, missing persons cases, strange paranormal occurences, etc that had us shitting ourselves back when it was somewhat socially acceptable to have flawed potty training. The reboot, however, is way more focussed and clean-cut. It’s going to focus on murders specifically, and there won’t be a presenter like there used to be.

Don’t worry though, they’re definitely keeping one of the most iconic elements of the doco series – you can still contribute information and leads for the show to follow up on, which the end of every episode directing you to or whatever appropriate law enforcement group. However, I don’t think they’re bringing back the iconic trench coat (sad reacts).

Honestly, if you were the kind of kid who watched way too much Criminal Minds, NCIS, UFO Files and Bones and now probably have some kind of anxiety or sleep disorder, then you’re going to love this reboot.

You can binge the first six episodes at midnight on July 1 – so get ready to be spooked!

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