If Ya Jetting To Europe, Prepare For A Heatwave Described As ‘Hell’

Hell is coming.

If you’re going to Europe within the next few days, I have two things to say. The first is keep your distance and wits about you because I might just tackle you to the ground for your golden ticket. The second is prepare for a scorcher because the mercury’s levelling up around the 40 degree mark.

And for the breeze-less cities of Spain and London, that’s probs the equivalent of a 47 degree sweat fiesta. Ugh, you poor things.

The unusually high temperatures are due to a blast of hot air that’s travelling North from the Sahara. France just endured a record-breaking 40 degree day on Tuesday (the hottest June day in France’s history). Similarly, Germany is set to swelter through a 37 degree scorcher tomorrow (that’s gonna be a lotta lagers to quell your sweats, people). Switzerland and Belgium are also sweltering with temps reaching up to 37 degrees, too.

With average June temperatures levelling around 29 degrees, this sure is an unprecedented spike. 

Forecasters are saying France’s unusually high temperatures are echoing a similar heat wave they experienced back in 2003, of which 15,000 people died. It also doesn’t really take a scientist to confirm that these intense and abnormal weather events are going to become increasingly more frequent as the planet heats up.

Thankfully many cities are converting public areas into makeshift fountains/wading pools – so you can strip off (Euro style, wink) as you all continue to bombard us with an excessive amount of Insta stories with an emphasis on your geo-location. Bonus points for geolocations in foreign languages.

Sources: @AP_Europe, @wunderground, @omarfarukrubel0, @localblogng, Giphy. 

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