If You Don’t Stay At Home In NSW You Can Be Fined $11,000 Or Get Six Months Jail

That’s right NSW people, if you leave your house for anything that isn’t a ‘reasonable excuse’ the cops can fine you up to $11,000 or send you to prison for six months, under an overnight ministerial gazette to make you stay at home.

Basically,  it’s a public health order which you have to follow. Gladys Berejiklian has already stated previously that NSW Police will be enforcing any isolation and lockdown.

The ‘reasonable excuses’ that cover you leaving your home are pretty sparse – it includes buying groceries or medicine, going to work or school, and exercise. You can also leave your home to visit your parents/siblings if they don’t live with you, for a wedding or funeral, if you’re donating blood, if you’re moving house, or if you’re providing emergency care to someone. There’s a full list in this short document.

I know what everyone really wants to know though….

Can You Visit Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner?

UPDATE: Yes, you may visit your partner, however they do not come under family – Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has confirmed you may visit partners under the reasonable excuse of care/mental health care.

You’re expected to practice discretion with this though – which is super vague, but I think they mean you should be hanging out one on one, and not bring your family to each other’s houses.

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