Illinois Just Made Abortion A “Fundamental Right”, So Can Everywhere Else Follow Suit Plz

Governor of Illinois JB Pritzker is leading the pushback to conservative anti-abortion laws.

News about abortion rights has been nothing but dire lately. Thankfully (and fking finally) I’m writing about some encouraging legislation. The Governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, has signed a new law that establishes abortion a “fundamental right”, whilst laws that previously criminalised the procedure have been abolished.

Named the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), the law renders abortion on request a “fundamental right” and requires private health insurance companies to pay for the procedure. In his Twitter post, the Governor proudly broadcasts “We trust women” – a sentiment that’s bound to stir some serious shit in the nearby state of Alabama, where a tribe of male politicians passed a law to ban abortions entirely. Because apparently males now get to decide for females – makes fcking sense, right?

Pritzker also took the opportunity to rightfully slam other US states who have passed ultra-conservative, anti-abortion laws.

People are hailing Pritzker’s stance against anti-abortion sentiment as “landmark”… yet honestly, this kind of legislation shouldn’t be perceived as so groundbreaking. It’s fundamental and inherent to a woman to have rights over her own body – this shouldn’t be news to anyone.

The new legislation in Illinois is accompanied by fresh details that Ariana Grande has decided to donate all profits from her US Atlanta concert to Planned Parenthood. So finally there’s some good news about abortion and women’s rights. I demand a more steady flow of such positive news and I demand it now.

Sources: @GovPritzker, @AJ+ Twitter. 

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