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In Honour Of The Pav Board, These Are The Other Chrissy Desserts We’d Love To See Deconstructed

So much potential for aesthetic Xmas Day Insta foodie posts.

We have been blessed by the emergence of the Pavlova board as the most fab way to eat (and take loads of aesthetic pics of) a classic Aussie Christmas treat. How. Good. Does. This. Look. OMG.


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The deconstructed food trend has taken Insta by storm – you don’t have to go far to find a cafe that’ll serve a gorgeous deconstructed hot choccy. And grazing tables are a must for any big social gathering. In honour of the Pav board, we thought we’d run with the idea to spice up your lunch/dinner tables for the holiday season. Proudly presenting: Chrissy desserts we’d love to see in deconstructed form.

Gingerbread Cookies or House


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Imagine being able to put together your ideal ginger-mansion or dapper gingerbread man at lunch? With the perf opportunity to get a snazzy pic for Insta right before chowing into the yummy ginger goodness, you could also go nuts on toppings – icing, those silver little balls that break your teeth, jubes, the world is your oyster. We picture it being an icing bowl complete with piping bags and bowls of colourful lollies. We’d defs be grazing at that table. Yuuuuuum.

Rocky Road


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Yes Rocky Road might need a lil bit of time in the fridge, but how good would it be to choose your exact ratio of marshmallows to choccy? Or how much lil jelly-chew bits you put in. If having nuts in there is your thing too you can do it too! We’re thinking lil square dishes, make up your own mix, wack the chocolate on top before you tuck into your Chrissy spread, then voila – fresh Rocky Road made to your exact taste for dessert. Or as just for some quick ‘grazing’ – lil bits of choccy, marshmallow, you know all the good stuff.

Christmas Pudding


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A Christmas without pudding is like the ocean without water. Possible ways to deconstruct and lay out beautifully- a plain cake, dried fruit to add (or leave out) to your heart’s content, and ofc as much Brandy as you want (either in the cake or in your glass). Dream come true for littlies who miss out on alcoholic cake and love going nuts with the custard.



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(I had to consult Google for this correct spelling of this delicious bad boy). Terribly impractical but undeniably aesthetic, the glorious croquembouche is bursting with deconstructive potential. It’s difficult enough trying to serve up in this form, so why not pull all the bits apart? We reckon a bowl of cream puffs or simple fluffy pastry thingies with cream-filled syringes to cream it up as much as you want. Then, cheeky bit of melted chocolate to add and even a bit of that fancy toffee stuff over the top. Voila!

Image sources: @swishbiscuits, @amooona2010_, @alisonpantryfoods, @teaspring_loves_tea, @anetarose (Instagram)

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