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In Today’s Super Random News, Tony Hawk Has Asked His Fans To Text Him

Hey Tony, what’s good?

On Friday the pro skateboarder tweeted out to his 10.5K Twitter followers, asking them to send him a text.

For years, fans of celebs and sporting stars have been in pursuit of tracking down a mobile number they can text. Who can forget the One Direction days when fans would leak fake numbers of the boy band members urging others to text them. Ahh, naivety is a blessing. Anyway, fans of Tony Hawk have to look no further than his own Twitter page. Naturally, some scepticism prevailed.

Tony responded to non-believers, by posting a video of himself skating and discussing the situation. He claims that it is 100% real and he is on a service that allows him to get all of the messages sent directly to his phone. Apparently, he’s going to do his best to get back to everybody that he can. We will believe it when we see it Hawky.

A few people have been sharing their responses from Tony and he appears to have an automated message set up, which is disappointing. You have to enter your details into a weblink and Tony will get back to you when he can.

However, a few lucky people have received a real response.

Of course, I absolutely had to try it out for myself, because who doesn’t want to chat shit with the mastermind behind the best PlayStation game of all time. Sadly, the automated Tony informed me that he isn’t available to text people from Australia yet. But don’t worry, I signed up to the waitlist!

Apparently the whole ordeal is apart of a new influencer marketing scheme that is being tested and possibly rolled out in the near future with other celebs. (PLS can Cody Simpson sign up, I need to ask him what he see’s in Miley ASAP.)

Low and behold, the memes have started and they are worth a good laugh.

God bless the internet!

(Disclaimer: Screenshot used in featured image has been fabricated.)

Image Sources: Twitter  

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