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Incredible Treehouse Stays That Demand A Visit

Cubby house dreams all grown up. From when your young self begged your parents to sleep overnight in the backyard home. It’s glamping in a more permanent form, marrying the comforts of home with an immersion in the wilderness. Perch yourself amongst the trees at one of these fine establishments and live a little on the wild side. It’s not all wicker and rickety ladders to the top, there’s something for every visitor ready to climb.

Treehotel, Sweden

The mirrored cube is only one of the six spectacular treehouses on offer at this prime location, taking immersion to new heights. A mix of stilted and suspended abodes are on offer, but no matter. Each and every one is sublime.

Playa Viva, Mexico

Not only will you find yourself gazing out on nature from a whole new perspective it’s a guilt free experience. This eco friendly resort is all about nature experiences, you can even devote your time to a local turtle sanctuary. That’s if you can pull yourself away from the incredible ocean views on offer for a single moment.

Tree House Lodge, Costa Rica

Nestle yourself right in the heart of the jungle, meeting Costa Rican locals from the comfort of your stilted home. By locals we mean the resident sloth, who know doubt won’t have moved an inch from your arrival to departure. Wander your way down to the beach or take part in a class amidst the canopy.

La Cabane en L’Air, France

If it’s elevation you’re after this French destination is for you. With a selection of treehouses so high it’ll take a series of stairs, ladders and rope bridges to get you settled in. If you so chose, pack light. But the views are incomparable and you won’t want to leave.

Hapuku Lodge & Tree House, New Zealand

New Zealand, stop it. The picturesque country has gone and done it again, this time with the postcard worthy lodge. Hapuku offers that indoor outdoor feel to flow through every piece of wood, making your stay as relaxing as ever. Looking out over the coastline with that mountainous background, what’s not to see?

Green Village, Bali

Crafted almost in it’s entirety of bamboo this luxe escape in Bali is a dream. Cutting a fine figure within the Bali jungle, you’ll be peering out at the river from your divine tree pod of sorts. It’s eco friendly too so soak it up without a worry.

Bangkok Tree House, Thailand

Boasting a tranquility unfamiliar for Bangkok visitors, the treehouse is your escape. Cooled by the river breeze and acquainting yourself with the host of exotic residents. It’s a celebration of nature and the landscape, with a vein of sustainability pulsing through this establishment in everything they do. So pedal, pace or boat your way over to the tree house is you want to live a simpler life, at least for a day or two.

Lion Sands Game Reserve Treehouses, South Africa

A night under the stars like no other. From dawn til dusk you’ll get to live amidst the hustle and bustle of the animal paradise. The idyllic setting makes for more than just an exquisite Insta, you’ll get to roam free on a game drive or two. Then return to your lodge for an evening of African sunset views and deluxe eats. A trip for the bucket list.

The Secret Treehouse, Blue Mountains, Australia

Peer behind the Three Sisters and you’ll find this beauty tucked away. Experience the bush like never before with the croon of birds and never-ending views. It certainly helps that the cabin in question is kitted out with blissful luxury in mind. Only a short drive from Sydney, this one’s a must.

Kadir’s Tree House, Turkey

The most affordable option, Kadir’s Tree houses in Turkey is an eccentric hostel set amongst the trees. It’s colourful, quirky and overflowing with knowledgable travellers ready to chat about their life story. A unique backpacking experience.

Huilo Huilo Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Chile

If you think the building cushioned into the jungle in Costa Rica is beautiful from the outside, the inside is just as thrilling. A whirl of stirs takes you up even higher and with each step an even more expansive view. A woody paradise plunging you into the heart of nature in the most authentic way.

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Taking seeing the globe to new heights, the spherical abodes will truly suspend belief. Steadied in British Columbia, no matter the month you can expect captivating views. A quirky take on the four post treehouse makes for a truly excellent scape and vantage point alike. A mesmerising location.

Ariau Amazon Towers, Brazil

What it lacks in modern touches it makes up for in unwavering spirit. The Amazonian refuge is an animal lover’s dream, with all the jungle has to offer coming to you. It’s currently undergoing renovations so we can only hope the charm of this place is retained as it undergoes a facelift.

727 Fuselage Hotel, Costa Rica

No this isn’t an episode of Lost. This retro 727 was placed here intentionally and made into a canopy oasis. It’s a treehouse in height but it’s incredibly unique fit out make for a stay to brag about. Breakfast on the wing, dinner in aisle 23 and bed in the cockpit. BYO Captain’s hat.

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