Most Insta-Worthy Vivid 2018 Installations

Vivid is back upon us (for the 10th year, where’d the time go?) And as a generation that loves technology, art and shiny things, we’re pretty keen to go exploring. Instalments are being created throughout the city and in a not-so-typical Sydney fashion, we don’t have to drop our dosh to view these glowing pieces. Yes, it’s official, we can have fun and pay rent for another week (praise be.) Of course, it wouldn’t be a night out without documenting it in some way, so here are the most Insta-worthy Vivid spots for this year.

Harmony Valley, The Rocks (6pm – 11pm)

Think Mario Kart’s infamous Rainbow Road, but with less traumatic, thank God. This adorable instalment uses Japan’s own ‘Kawaii’ culture to promote peace, harmony and playfulness through inflatable sculptures. Some of these inflatables include trees of friendship (aw), a rainbow of peace (aww), and yes, all these sculptures have little smiling faces (aww.) Go take a look if you want to be immersed in colour, and think of how good your Insta will look once you’re through with it.

Impressions, The Royal Botanic Garden (6pm – 11pm)

If flowers and paintings inspired by 19th century art are your thing, well you’re in luck, the Impressions instalment combines both. The piece consists of five canvases, each of which is an LED panel that shows off a time-lapse of the garden throughout that day. The artist’s goals were to imitate the impressionist artist’s focus on the qualities of light in a screen-based way.

The Garden Of Sweeties, The Rocks (6pm – 11pm)

This instalment is particularly focused on children.. but who cares. We’re all tired of living life as adults anyway, so why not embrace your inner kid again? Want to be surrounded by candies in the form of lollipops, candy canes and sweets? Of course you do. Along with being classically Alice in Wonderland-ish, this instalment focuses on educating people (children) on solar panels, and other sources of renewable energy. Not only will you probably be more educated, but your Insta’s bound to look adorable.

Enchanted Garden: At Tumbalong Lights, Darling Harbour (6pm – 11pm)

Pretty much a dream for anyone who loved The Little Mermaid. This instalment displays a luminous underwater path filled with sea plants. What makes this piece even better is that it’s interactive, leaving everyone to make their own discoveries about the instalment.

Skylark, City And Surrounds (6pm – 11pm)

This is the perfect opportunity to nerd out over lasers (it’s a yes from us.) This is also an occasion to take in those harbour views and get a stellar photo that’s worthy of your Insta. This instalment uses interactive lighting on the bridges and skyscrapers around Circular Quay. Not to mention the double strength, custom built laser (froth) positioned on the Harbour Bridge. Every thirty minutes there’s a two minute light show, so get a good spot and soak it up.

Image source: Vivid Sydney

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