Instagram Is Down For Like The Hundredth Time And People Are Going Full Roast Mode

So naturally, people are flocking to Twitter.

The two most dreaded messages on Instagram: a slimy “U up?” message in the early hours of the morning and the “Couldn’t refresh feed” signal.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the latter was something to do with the turtle-speed Internet we have in this wonderful high-tech country of ours, but it’s surprisingly not the case.

Instagram has reported its platform is down and users are reporting they cannot access the platform whilst others are unable to refresh stories, search for profiles or post content. We’re all a slave to the ‘gram and it’s sending people a little bizerk – considering this is about the billionth (ok not quite but close to) time the platform has experienced an outage.

As the darkness was cast over the ‘gram this morning, people made a mad dash to Twitter to express their outrage.

Facebook haven’t responded to initial requests for a comment on why the platform is down (again), and for how long it’s been down or if the outage is global.

Common sentiments across the ‘net this morning are that #InstagramDown is a way too common occurrence and that Twitter is like the seedy club you go to when you’re refused someplace better.

We’re praying for the ‘gram this morning. Get well and sort your shit out soon.

Sources: Pexels, @egyptiba, @drakocactus, @okayjobros, @rdbuwu, @TrapsoulMikayla, @klarorgasm, @michelleverny, @dosagedolan. 

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