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Instagram Launch ‘Reels’ AKA Their Version Of TikTok, And Wow Such Creativity

Zucks has entered the chat.

If you can’t ban them, destroy them. That’s the vibe over at Facebook HQ, where I can only imagine old mate Zucks sits in his Voice-like turning chair, thinking about what else can be done to take over the world. And you best believe TikTok is the next target.

Launched today in Australia, Instagram ‘Reels’ is basically the 2020 version of when the Facebook-owned company launched Stories as a direct competitor to Snapchat.

And I mean honestly between IG Stories and TikTok, does anyone actually use Snapchat anymore? It was a pretty swift and dominant foot-on-throat moment, and made Snapchat look less desirable than Cass on Bachie In Paradise.

According to their official press release, Reels is a new format on IG “that gives anyone the ability to create and discover short form, edited videos with audio and music”. Guys, just say this is you’re attempt at demolishing TikTok, it’ll come across a lot more authentic, trust.

It turns out that a lot of TikTok content has been making it’s way onto Instagram in the past month, or people are just changing up the way they use video right now. With 45% of all videos post to Instagram Feed in the last month being short form, under 15 seconds.

Reels basically brings you a bunch of exactly the same TikTok ~new and exclusive~ editing tools, a timer, speed controls, AR effects, countdown and a new align tool. Wow! So edgy! So unique! So innovative!

And although Instagram Stories had a sharp, clean feel about it – I feel the beauty of TikTok is the the low-brow, off-cuts and not-super-professional feel.

Instagram feels like a more polished social media channel, you know? I don’t want to watch zooo zoo zoooos on Insta, Zucks.

And as you can imagine, Twitter was lit up with rage.

Between Reels, Stories, Live & IGTV, god it feels crowded. But hey, they’ve crushed big viral brands before and you better believe they’re stocking up to do it all again.

I mean I’m certain people would have said Stories wouldn’t last when Snap was at it’s peak, but here we are. And with all the drama about TikTok being banned in the States, the potential Microsoft buyout, and just general political fights with China – you can’t rule out TikTok somehow being obsolete in a few years.

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