Instagram’s New Features Could See A New Era For Influencers

There’s been some late nights and early rises for all the creative masterminds at Instagram in recent months. Some exciting new plans were just announced at the f8 conference yesterday and trials are already well underway for some new updates and features.

The app is about to undergo a pretty decent overhaul that will change the way brands, influencers, and self-proclaimed Insta fames like ourselves use the app. It signals Insta is headed down a very exciting, albeit brand-oriented path. Here’s what we can expect…

Shopping Tags Extended To Influencers


Any profile with significant reach will soon be able to integrate product tags into their posts. The feature is also extended to athletes, public figures, artists and publishers and will allow users to purchase products via Insta’s in-app checkout service without the need to navigate away from the profile.

Obviously the feature strengthens the relationship between brands and influencers, but it also provides brands with very telling data on how well influencers are actually influencing us. In-profile, in-app purchases will indicate at what rate users are purchasing products due to influencer posts (as opposed to the brands themselves).

This could make for a significantly more competitive Insta scene, with brands awarded with more insights into influencers’ performance – which only means more stringent budgets and the fade-out of influencers who lack authenticity and genuine reach.

Create Mode


They’re calling it Create Mode and it’s set to revolutionise the selfie game (dog filter will remain, rest assured) . With this new feature users are offered a whole new range of story filters and other creative design options that will allow them to share content without photo or video. Insta wants to maximise the convenience and creativity of in-app features as a ‘one stop shop’ kinda thing; rendering all other creative apps relatively useless.

Donation Stickers


With all the talk about strengthening influencer-brand relationships, this donation sticker is something I can really get around. Users will soon be able to raise money for non profits by adding donation stickers into their Stories. According to Insta, 100% of the money will go directly to charities/organisations.


Insta says they will be consulting a ‘small group of creatives’ to test out the new features, so it’s unknown when they will arrive in Aus. In the meantime, keep on living your best lives through Insta, people…it’s about to get a whole new shake up.

Sources: Instagram.

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