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International Flights Are Gonna’ Get Way Expensive This Aussie Winter, So Book ASAP

If you’re planning a summer holiday outside of Australia this year, know that it’s about to get pricier, so you may want to check your budget before planning that trip overseas.

With fuel costs rising for airlines, the price of international flights will rise as well. If that wasn’t bad enough, there will potentially be a limit on the amount of flights entering and leaving the country. GREAT.

Traveling is an awakening experience and puts your way of life in a new perspective, we all live for it of course. Yet, we all know the time planning for travel brings on so much stress. So the extra dollar spend ain’t gonna’ help.

But at the same time, it’s almost most refreshing knowing fuel is getting more expensive. Climate change is alive and well, and the amount of jet fuel we use isn’t making the earth any greener.

The pricing of flights is subject to change in Australia starting in the summer, a.k.a the best and potentially only time people can take a holiday. Throughout late October to late March, flight capacity will be cut by 1%-to 2% on international flights. I know it doesn’t sound big, but add that onto multiple flights and you could be in for surprise, friends. And seriously, food and beers in Europe cost like $27 for an entire night.

Before this, international flights were booming. This is actually the first time that airlines are cutting flights out of Australia in the past decade.

It’s worth noting, Australia isn’t alone in this.

Middle Eastern and Asian countries are also limiting flights to Australia due to high costs of fuel.

I wouldn’t let this discourage you from trying to see the world though.

We hear all the time prices are going to rise on everything. It may just be worth it to plan for trips further in advance than you’d usually do, worry less about what you’re going to wear on your holiday and more about your budget, and even doing simple things like cooking more and eating out less.

(Attempt) to save over the coming colder months, so that winter getaway is a fab one – higher priced flights or not.

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