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How To Intro Your New Partner To Your Mates

Everything is so fresh and exciting when it comes to having a new partner. Sometimes you want to put them in your backpack and carry them around. As weird as this concept is to picture in your head, unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast. So, when it comes to introducing your partner to your friends, what’s the go? Do you just throw them into the deep end and bring them to your weekly movie night? Or bring them about in a more gradual manner?

Check The Relationship Status

Look, if you’ve been dating for 2 weeks and you’re wanting to take them to a group brunch, just abort that mission immediately. Remember when our parents harped on about how patience is a virtue? It is, and it’s suggested you practice that in this circumstance. If you introduce your new ‘thang’ to your friends, expect them to never let you forget it they never see the poor sod again. You don’t want that.

Don’t Bombard Them With 50+ Friends At A Birthday

Here’s what’ll happen if you introduce your date to your somewhat extensive friends list at a birthday. It’s likely that people by the dozen will be consuming some sort of bev for the sake of a good party, and with that comes a lack of filter. Your date is probably going to be asked about the intimate antics of your relationship. Unless you both enjoy being in the firing line and partially humiliated.. then go ahead.

Start With The Friends Closest To You

Start with your best mate, and if they have a partner, then heck, make it a double date. This is a relaxed way to ease your new love interest into the group. If your best mate really likes them then you’re all on the right track. Go for the tapas and drinks feel and keep the conversation light and casual. If things start slowing down then step in with something that you know both your partner and friend have in common.

Make It Happy

Try to avoid taking them to a funeral. This sounds like the utmost of common sense, but honestly, who knows anymore. When introducing your partner to a few more of your friends, make it a carefree, happy event. Don’t let the happy nature of a decent wedding fool you either. Don’t bring them unless you want to be ogled and told “you’re next” while they wear a creepy smile. Opt for a cute picnic, or heck, bowling, if you’re all into that sort of thing.

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