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How To Introduce Your Tinder Date To Your Family

Dating apps are trending at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. Romantic relationships are now accessible through a phone, and dating has never been so effortless. Your more traditional methods of meeting people – the monthly farmyard dance – is long gone. While critics of apps like Tinder have linked it to ‘Dating ADD’, they must be given credit to inspiring an alternative culture to old-fashioned courting.

These types of apps are gaining more popularity with the Aussies, especially us young lot. In 2015, Tinder claimed that it had reached an amazing 15% of the Aussie population, and with this comes its acceptance in the modern dating scene. They are moving away from a reputation of sleazy messages and one-night hook ups (but of course there is still tonnes of that). Instead, dating apps are now becoming an attractive way to simplify dating and take the stress out of meeting people.

The variety of options, from the new and upcoming ‘feminist Tinder’ Bumble, to the algorithmic Zoosk, allow dating apps to claim a wide and extensive breadth. They are especially common in smaller dating pools like LGBTI+ and religious crowds. Situations where singling people out is harder.

So, if everyone is on the dating app band wagon, why is there so much taboo around it when introducing your significant other to the folks? For some reason saying that you met your partner through Plenty of Fish appears to cheapen your relationship. Or says that you weren’t able to meet anyone through more conventional means, and went to online dating as a last resort. Frankly, we want our family to accept our life choices; including our new hair-cuts and even our new partners.

Therefore, there are three options here.

Tell The Truth

Personally, the old adage is right. Honesty is the best policy. Dating apps are a current and fun way to start a relationship, so why shouldn’t it be okay to tell our parents the truth? Prioritise the relationship you started rather than the way in which it started. After a bit of surprise, they’ll get used to the idea. Just like the time they discovered that ‘Snapchat’ was a thing.

It might be hard for them to understand at the start, but just be patient. Understand they often have no clue about modern technology, and as they realise your new partner is not some weird cyborg, they’ll understand.

Tell A Lie

However, a little white lie is the easiest route. Just telling your parents where you physically first met them, rather than how is a simple escape from scrutiny and won’t place too much guilt on your shoulders. If you had your first date at a bar, then say this was where you first came into contact, instead of really getting a match on Bumble.

Sometimes this is the best starting point. The soft introduction, saying you met at a bar or a party, and then once you get serious with your partner, maybe start opening up about the real roots (no pun) of your significant other. Or heck run the lie ’til death.

Go Half-Way In Between

Or to avoid mentioning the specific app where you two hooked up, then substitute it to another, vaguer one. But if the thought of telling the family is actually stressful, then just go back to the initial lie. Relatives don’t need to know every detail of your life. Just tell them later. In the changing dating landscape, we are finding apps are more then a passing trend (if not the norm.) To the surprise of many, including our parents, they have cemented themselves into our social life.

Ultimately do what feels comfortable. It’s your relationship after all, not your mum’s. So focus on what matters, god knows you’ve got enough other stresses in life to worry about dad being weirded out by the fact you crossed paths with a stunner and then matched them latter that afternoon on Happn. Swipe on, lovers.

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