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All The Irrational Freakouts You Experience In Your 20s

Seriously, I wonder about my whole existence sometimes.

The formative years as our parents call them. Our 20s. Where we have to finish studying, find a job, find a place to live, find a serious relationship, maybe buy a pet, get out of credit card debt, pay off our student loans, and I’m out of breath just typing this list.

Our 20s aren’t formative half the time, they are tough and often we have to endure a series of rational and irrational freak-outs. Stressing about paying your bills is totally normal, but when stress infiltrates into our friendships and relationships, then we have to question, is it really worth the freakout?

#1 Finding The Perfect First Full Time Job

Unfortunately, the reality of it is you probably won’t find the perfect job off the bat. The job market is super competitive and often, your first job involves you starting at the bottom of the pack. There is no need to freakout that you haven’t gotten into your dream job at your dream company straight out of uni, cause it’s gonna take you some time. And that’s totally okay. Ignore any intense pressure from parents or even friends, just work at your own pace and things will come together in time.

#2 Not Having The Stamina To Last A Whole Weekend Of Partying

The deeper into your 20s you go the less likely you’re going to be able to handle a full weekend of partying and wild antics. Your 18-year old self could probably last from Friday night pres to Sunday night afters, but by 23 or so, your body becomes weary. Don’t freakout about it, just learn to accept the changing nature of your body. Appreciate sleep and give yourself a day to rest after a big night out.

#3 The Inability To Travel Every Few Months Like Your Mates

There isn’t even a specific time of the year anymore, it seems like your mates are ALWAYS travelling. All of them are posting their lush AF photos on Instagram and you have to lug out of bed each morning to go to the casual job you’re still at post-graduation. Rather than letting the irrational fear set in that you can’t even afford to travel, put things into perspective. Think about your current ambition of finding a full time job and how you’re saving to travel when you can actually afford to. Don’t be overruled by social media pressure.

#4 Seeing Your High School Classmates Getting Engaged On Facebook

“You’re literally 23 years old and from what I’ve seen on Instagram, you’ve known the guy for a year! How do you even afford to get married? What do your parents think? More importantly, why am I not even anywhere near getting engaged? Like I can barely get a Tinder date, let alone find someone to actually settle down with!”.

The pressure of this bombardment can often spark intense insecurity about our life decisions and relationship wants, but the stress is not necessary. Being single throughout your 20s is totally fine and normal and irrationally freaking out about a classmate’s engagement is not even worth it.

#5 Still Living At Home With The Parentals

You’ve hit your mid 20s and the idea of moving out of home isn’t even on the cards, cause you simply can’t afford to. Freaking out and comparing yourself to friends and colleagues that have landed themselves an amazing apartment is not worth the stress. Sure, living at home is becoming more challenging as the years go on, but it’s a common occurrence among most 20-somethings. Expensive rent and apartment shortages make Australian cities a very competitive living environment. Just keep saving your pennies and the right place will come along.

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