Israel Folau Wants Us To Fund His Slam Campaign And It’s Already Raking In Donations

His plea for money is every bit wrong as his agenda is disturbing.

Earlier this week, Israel Folau served a slandering Sunday sermon and it wasn’t the kind we’re used to. Folau’s take on a Sunday sermon was to extend beyond his now habitual slandering of homosexuals to double down on transgender youths.

It was essentially a warning that homosexuality is the agenda of the ‘devil’.

In light of Rugby Australia ripping up his playing contract, and dutifully so, Folau will never play for the Wallabies again. It’s a reasonable consequence for disseminating toxic and inherently discriminating views. It’s a justifiable punishment for exploiting his platform as a (previously) notable sportsman.

Thankfully Rugby Australia won’t have a bar of it because honestly, we won’t tolerate it either.

Yet whilst his $5 million contract was terminated in May, Folau is asking you (ie the society he deems so inherently misguided and terrible), to donate to his ‘Holy’ crusade. Apparently these past few months have irreparably damaged his reputation (wow, really?) and have also cost him and his partner $100,000 in legal costs.

Well we’re not sorry for the associated financial costs of your crusade when it’s clearly costing immeasurable emotional distress to numerous minority groups across the country. We’re really not. 

The video pictures Folau, accompanied by some unnervingly placid background music, pleading for you to donate to his intentions to take on Rugby Australia in court. It’s a deceivingly poised plea which in essence, tries to convince us to fund a fundamentally discriminatory campaign.

We’re not fooled but according to donations as of 10am Friday 21 June, $157,000 would suggest that people are actually buying into it.

“I would be very grateful for your support. Could you make a donation, within your capacity to give, in order to support my action? I have the fight of my life on my hands and every little bit will help.

“Even if I win, Rugby Australia can appeal. There is every chance that a prominent test case like this could take years and eventually end up in the High Court of Australia.

The plea for dollars ends with what Folau probably thinks is a heartwarming and sincere sign off message.

“I know I am putting myself on the line – this action will be very costly in terms of time, money and reputation – but I do not intend to stop now.”

“I have the fight of my life on my hands and every little bit will help.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Folau’s plea for money is every bit wrong as his agenda is disturbing, yet the donations appear to be flooding in. Who’s donating? I just want to talk…

Sources: Go Fund Me, @RagingBullDust, @paighoe. 

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