Israel Folau’s Getting Absolutely Burned For Blaming Bushfires On Same-Sex Marriage

Apply cold water to the affected area, mate.

Just when we thought we had finally heard the last of him, Israel Folau has made an extraordinary comeback by claiming the bushfires devastating Australia’s east were caused by legalising same-sex marriage and abortion.

Dear, God.

In a video let loose on Facebook on Sunday, Folau can be seen delivering another sermon at his church in Sydney’s north-west, warning all of us outsiders that the disastrous fires are a “little taste of God’s judgment”.

“I’ve been looking around at the events that’s been happening in Australia, this past couple of weeks, with all the natural disasters, the bushfires and the droughts,” he said.

Over the course of 10 minutes, the disgraced athlete and GoFundMe fiend claims it’s no coincidence that the bushfire crisis has come so quickly after we voted and legalised same-sex marriage and abortion. And he’s got sources to back his argument.

He reads scripture from the Book of Isaiah that states disobedience of the law and the “everlasting covenant” has prompted a curse that’ll consume the earth: “earth’s inhabitance are burned up, and very few are left.”

But don’t despair, he’s spitting venomous vitriol “all out of love”. Because, yes, naturally that loving sentiment makes the hurt of lost homes, bushland, animals, and lives all the better.

Look how rapid, these bushfires, these droughts, all these things have come, in a short period of time. You think it’s a coincidence or not? God is speaking to you guys, Australia, you need to repent.

What you see right now in the world is only a little taste of God’s judgment that’s coming, it’s not even a big thing.”

That’ll just about do me.

At Least Everyone Is On The Same Side… Izzy, STFO

If there’s any good that can be taken from his heinous comments, it’s the unbridled outrage that has come from, it seems, the whole country. From his most devout allies – Alan Jones (telling Folau to “button up”) – to the gayest gays, and fellow Christians (including ScoMo and Barnaby, and an Anglican bishop). Who would’ve thought?

Anglican Minister, Peter Kurtil, spoke to Sky News, saying Folau’s “offensive and wrong” words had no right to religious free speech.

If God was angry, God’s aim was off.

The Prime Minister, too – a committed Christian who didn’t vote for same-sex marriage when they were up for debate – has blasted Folau’s “appallingly insensitive comments” that will cause “grievous offense this would have caused to people whose home have been burnt down.

If he never comes back to rugby (or whatever other sport he decides to switch to), he’s definitely got himself a job writing satire.

We’re all done with it, we won’t tolerate his hate speech anymore. It’s hurtful to so many. The LGBTI+ community. Women who have had abortions. Not to mention the Christians who are being vilified by his words. And, of course, the survivors and victims of the horrible bushfires still burning across Australia.

Everyone just wants Folau to do one thing. Shut ? the ? heck ? up?.

Image Source: Twitter (@mana_kailani)

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