It’s 2020 And Yet We Have Ridiculously Racist Headlines Around The Coronavirus


We previously spoke about the absolutely disgusting racism coming out of Aussies around the coronavirus, and how much anti-Chinese hysteria was being excused and justified on the grounds of people’s fear.

As we’ve stated, anyone using the coronavirus as an excuse to be openly racist and breed anti-Asian sentiments can get fucked.

Unsurprisingly however, it’s not just people online – actual newspapers have been posting glaringly racist and offensive headlines, mostly to do with Asians, in regards to coronavirus. If you’re morbidly curious, here’s the ones we found.

“China Kids Stay Home”? Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of alienating BS? This headline immediately creates a hostile environment for any Chinese-heritage, or even Asian-looking child, regardless of if they are Australian or not.

The Herald Sun article goes on to refer to the coronavirus as a “Chinese virus”, making completely appropriate jokes like “panda-monium.” As if people who are affected and dying of this illness don’t matter at all? Imagine if we called BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) “White Virus” because it originated in Europe?

I know we can’t expect much from tabloids, but seriously – an old man died this morning because he was of Asian appearance and so no one would come near him to give CPR in fear of coronavirus. This kind of attitude is literally killing people.

Obviously, this kind of reporting is downright dangerous – it capitalises upon and grows sinophobic hysteria, and is contributing to the creation of a society that was never particularly friendly to Asian people to begin with.

A woman called Wendy Wong has started a petition calling for The Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph to apologise for their reporting, calling it “downright offensive and unacceptable race discrimination.”

The petition currently has 43,000 signatures.

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