It’s A Good Day Because A Florida Woman Was Jailed For Stomping On A Sea Turtle’s Nest

…or a bad day – whichever way you want to look at this situation. I’m choosing to take the glass-half-full approach because if I don’t, I’ve honestly lost all hope in humanity.

Not only did she stomp on this sea turtle’s nest in Miami Beach but this Florida woman had the goddamn audacity to aggressively poke this turtle’s humble abode with a wooden stick.

A stick mind you found among yellow tape and barricades clearly marked with, “Do not disturb this sea turtle nest”. I’m out, bye.

The culprit is Yaqun Lu, a 41 year old Florida woman who was witnessed brutally attacking the protected area. Police have since arrested the woman and she’s currently being held on a $5k bond.

Miami Beach serves as a nesting area for three different turtle species between the months of April and November, and a number of the habitats are protected during the nesting months – I’m assuming to avoid such audacious people from interfering with these poor turtles and their turtle babies. 

It’s a good day because US law will not tolerate such monsters. Lu is locked up, far from any turtles, for now.

Sources: Unsplash, Giphy. 

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