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It’s Not Just Editing That Made Cass The Villain On Bachelor In Paradise

Oh look, consequences.

Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was, well, a lot. With Cass getting to choose before Brittney at the rose ceremony, and Jamie monologuing about Helena (huh?) it definitely ended with a bang.

But the drama didn’t end with the rose ceremony – there’s been trouble stirring outside Paradise, with contestants making all kinds of claims about their portrayal on the show.

Just this week, Jamie’s claimed he’s suing Channel 10 (over what, we’re not sure yet but I assume it’s about being his portrayal on the show), Cass is claiming she got a bad edit and Keira is backing her up while Niranga doesn’t agree.

So, let’s get into this apparent villain edit, shall we?

Cass shared an Instagram story of her voice over claiming Jackson can do better than Brittney, captioned “I OWN whatever comes out of my mouth directly, but I will NOT own pieces of different interviews at different times pieced together to steer a narrative. Thank you to those who realised the editing on this ripper! You’re the smart ones. Can’t wait for tonight.”

Now, while I reckon any voice-over where you don’t see a contestant actually say the words can be doubted as genuine, and while there was definitely a lot of frankenbiting going on this episode with Cass – I don’t think the edit is what villainised her. I think it was her own behaviour.

Cass has been unpopular with viewers since the early days of this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Between footage of her bitching about Abbie Chatfield, to her comment on Jess Brody’s weight, to her refusal to back down and give Brittney a go – there’s reasons outside of a bad edit that have led her to be perceived as the villain.

The end of last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise saw probably one of the most tense rose ceremonies to date, with Cass, who has no history or spark with Jackson at the moment, going after him despite the fact that she told Brittney she wouldn’t intervene in their romance earlier in the episode.

We see everyone start to treat Cass like a home-wrecker because goddamn EVERYONE WANTS BRITTNEY TO HAVE THIS. SHE DESERVES IT. And so Cass goes to talk to Brittney about stealing Jackson, which is a weird and confusing move that I don’t really understand.

Here’s the thing – that talk was fucking horrible. Props to Brittney for holding her own, standing up for herself and maintaining her composure because I would have been a blubbering mess.

You see, Cass’ behaviour looked a lot like gaslighting to me. She asked Brittney to come over for a chat that she didn’t want to have, told her she’s going after Jackson and grilled her for information on who she likes, which is information she absolutely isn’t entitled to.

Brittney understandably becomes upset and defensive – she’s done the WORK to get Jackson, she’s taken the initiative to pursue him, he likes her, they’ve ended up kissing. She’s finally getting some attention after three weeks of being treated like everyone’s friend, so I can understand why she’s upset.

The problem here is Cass’ response – she immediately backtracks and says that she’s only answering Brittney’s questions, and then takes it a step further by tone-policing her – calling her “weird” and “rude” and “one angry chick.”

She maintains a victim status and tries to paint Brittney as the one who has reacted badly and started a confrontation, when Cass was the one who asked to chat in the first place.

It seemed like Cass was attempting to do damage control by gaslighting Brittney and trying to make her seem like the bad guy – and to me, that’s not on.

We don’t support gaslighting, tone-policing and self-victimisation in this house, and we saw all those words come straight out of Cass’ mouth. I can understand being upset that a lot of her voice overs were stitched, and that’s absolutely fine – but you can’t deny what happened during their conversation.  Add the bedroom footage of Cass’ bitching about Abbie, and her unnecessary comment on Jess’ weight, and you really don’t need the villain edit.

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