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It’s Not You – Job Dating

Clock off from one job to then clock on for the next.

I find it a little ironic that this is the article I managed to write after being slightly ESWR (or as I like to call it eat, sleep, work, repeat) the past few months. But the transition from uni to work after graduating has been a lot harder than I thought (and I thought moving from year six to year seven was huge.. HA!)

It’s no secret that growing up kinda sucks. Between full time work, bills and just pretending to be a responsible person for a majority of the day gets tiring. All you really want to do is time travel back to year eight where the biggest drama was your crush added a love heart in his MSN display name.

Fast forward through high school, uni and full time employment, my ideal Friday night consists of crawling into bed and watching a movie (although last week I managed to go out AND stay til midnight I know i’m a party animal.)You really need to dedicate to your relationship for it to work otherwise you could end up getting fired.

Time is a real luxury, well at least having the energy to do anything with it other than sit in front of Netflix with a box of Oreos.

I’ve been with my boyf for six months and one thing that differs from the high school relationship is scheduling. We both work full time, we both play football (him on Saturday me on Sunday) I started French classes and semester two is right around the corner for him.

Also geographically, not living super close to each other, proves to be another factor which hinders our ability to ‘drop by’ and hang out.

On one of my late bus rides home from the office I got to thinking and realised that being in a relationship is exactly like having another job.

You’re either committed full-time or happy being casual with no strings attached, in a temporary sitch or taking some long-service leave from it all. You really need to dedicate to your relationship for it to work otherwise you could end up getting fired.

I came across a quote that said “it’s not about having time but rather making time” and it’s so easy to get stuck in a routine of boring repetitive dinners on a Tuesday night because it’s just easier.

Just like we schedule in meetings we ought to make plans for our SO and I’m talking more than the standard good morning/goodnight texts. The boyfriend and I have decided that, besides the weekly dinner dates and movie nights, we’d commit one day a month to going on our very own adventure.

Last month we hopped in the car and hit up the Blue Mountains and went for a bush walk. It was so great to escape from work and buzzing phones and emails (receiving emails at 3am is totally a thing now). We’ve also been camping, on a picnic and it was our own little time to dedicate to each other just, well, because.

Unfortunately with age comes responsibility and the weeks seem to fly past us and life is forgotten to be lived.

Being in a relationship shouldn’t be ‘enough’ and we should endeavour to put in the overtime to our relationships.

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