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Jailed Fyre Fest Bro Billy McFarland Wants To Do It All Again

Fyre Festival, as you are no doubt aware, was supposed to be one of the best parties ever. But as everyone who watched the documentary knows, it all went terribly wrong. And that was in no small part the fault of head honcho and all round nincompoop, Billy McFarland.

Well, since that all went down, McFarland has been imprisoned for his stupidity. But don’t you worry. No prison walls can contain the levels of true idiocy this dude seems to be harbouring.

Billy McFarland has been a very busy con. And this has all been revealed in a recent article by New York Magazine. Speaking to a book editor from jail via email, McFarland has revealed that he plans to do it all again. Yep, according to the man himself, his current plan is a return of the dumpster fire (or Fyre) in the form of Fyre Festival 2.0.

“The Festival will not be a one and done event,” he told the reporter. “It’s happening again.”

What could possibly go wrong? You’d think leaving thousands of rich kids to fend off looting and a literal monsoon would be enough to dissuade a man. But apparently not Mr Billy McFarland.


Not only, but McFarland has also announce plans to release a memoire from behind bars. Allegedly titled Promythus: The God of Fyre, the book aims to “set the record straight”. He plans on using the book to clear his name, which was (rightfully) dragged through the mud in the wake of the two Fyre Festival documentaries. Those documentaries, according to McFarland, didn’t tell the whole story.

Look, say what you want about him, but the boy’s got moxie. The 27 year old might be serving six years in federal prison for two counts of fraud, but he’s still on the hustle. Though, you can’t really blame him. With over $26 million USD in retribution yet to be paid, he’s gotta make the dough somehow.

Image Source: Netflix, GIPHY

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