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Janet Jackson Edited The Glastonbury Festival Lineup In A Shameless Act Of Self Promotion

There are two 2019 lineup posters for England’s legendary Glastonbury Festival circulating the Internet today. We’ve done a bit of digging around and have noticed one huge discrepancy between the two. Let’s resort to our primary school hey-days and play a quick little round of Spot The Difference.

Poster #1

Poster #2

Janet Jackson is guilty of replacing the very first headlining artist with none other than… Janet Jackson. Now I’m not quite sure about you but The Killers and Janet Jackson don’t quite fall into the same legendary musical category for me so I’m RATHER confused by this.

Janet love, we see you shamelessly promoting yourself to headline status – you ok?

In terms of raising her, well, semi-outdated-ish profile, her PR team have done a fab job. I’ve never really been a raging fan of Janet so I’m rather dumbfounded by her surprisingly HUGE fan base that are all but praising her for the stunt. Some are still on the edge of their seats after she cancelled her show a whole 3 YEARS ago. Today proves the Janet Jackson fanbase is still alive and well.

She’s levelled up on her self-promo game just in time for her comeback. Girrrl your photoshop skills are on fleek and so too is ‘ya PR team. Now go steal the show like you stole the poster, JJ.

Image Source: @itsfaitaccompli, @br4ndonce, @JanetJackson, @NotionMagazine, Glastonbury Facebook, Janet Jackson Facebook. 

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