Jessica Chastain Stars In New Trailer For ‘IT: Chapter Two’ And It’s Spine Tingling AF

What better way to start off your Friday than to wince at a creepy as heck horror movie trailer? Tbh, can think of better ways buuuut this trailer has us beyond hyped for the release of It: Chapter Two. If you’re holding a coffee this morning, go ahead and place it on a nearby surface…there’s a high chance you’re gonna get jumpy.

The first chapter of It hit the big-screen back in 2017, giving us all an eerie insight into Stephen King’s spine tingling, fictional town of Derry, Maine. It: Chapter Two looks just as bloody freaky as the first, which is a good indication as It was a record-breaking box office smash.

The other half of the story features the ‘Loser’s Club’ a few years beyond their childhood, as they take on the devilish clown, Pennywise. If the trailer is anything to go by, It: Chapter Two isn’t for the faint hearted and you might be sleeping with the lights on for a few weeks after the film. You and I both, actually.

For any It fanatics out there, this explainer vid reveals a whole lot of juicy deets you probably didn’t know about Stephen King, It and that horrible looking clown-thingy. Have a watch; feed your inner demons. It: Chapter Two hits cinemas this September.

Sources: Warner Bros. Pictures, Deffinition. 

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