Jimmy Brings & Tia Maria Want You To Sip Yr Self-Isolation Blues Away With Free Espresso Marts

Talk about expresso shipping.

We’re at that point in self-isolation, just like that point of a night out, when we’re almost out of gas. We’ve been in the same place for too long, motivation is gone, and the DJ sounds like he’s recycling the same tracks. Dancing doesn’t give the same hype-up it used to.

We’re dying for a pick me up; and what do we go for in these desperate times? Espresso martinis.

And that’s where our mates at Jimmy Brings and good old Tia Maria come in.

They’re bringing you what you’ll need to shake up your own espresso mart quarantini’s at home, for this long weekend only.

All you need to do is order any (literally any) bottle of vodka on Jimmy Brings over the upcoming long weekend, and you’ll get your own espresso mart starter pack.

The complimentary pack includes a 50mL bottle of Tia Maria (yum) and a can of Suntory Boss Iced Coffee (double-yum). And it’ll be at your door in under 30 minutes.

Talk about express(o) shipping.

How To Make An OG Espresso Martini,

All you need for an OG mart is a cold martini glass, something to shake it up in, some ice, your Jimmy Brings order (maybe a little sugar syrup), and your best cocktail shaking moves. Simple.

Chuck 25mL of Tia Maria, 25mL of vodka, and a double (or single) espresso shot into a shaker. Fill the rest with ice and get shaking. Pour the magical mixture through a strainer into the glass and finish your masterpiece with three coffee beans (for that boujee touch). Or go without it, I won’t blame you.

But if you’re looking to step up your quarantini game. Head to Simply Cocktails on Facebook for even more inspiration – or go rogue and be your own mixologist.

So it doesn’t matter what your self-isolation situation is, you’ll have the perfect quarantini to get you through. Whether you need a little boost to survive another day in close proximity to your family. Or you’re having a Zoom games night with your mates – and want to, low-key, make them super jealous. Or, maybe, you’re having a dance party all on your own.

Whatever it is, you can count on Jimmy Brings and Tia Maria to give you the second-wind we all need right now.

Image Sources: Tia Maria x Jimmy

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