Joe Lycett Changes Name To Hugo Boss In Chaotic Revenge Plan

We’re talking about Hugo Boss here, not Hugo Boss.

British comedian formerly known as Joe Lycett has legally changed his name to Hugo Boss as part of a revenge plan on the fashion house.

The brand is notorious for taking expensive legal action against small businesses and charities who use the word “boss” in their names. Hugo (neé Joe) says he will be releasing a new product as Boss on the season 2 premiere of his show “Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back.” On the show, Hugo fights for the rights of consumers through a series of hijinks against big corporations.

Boss tweeted several statements, such as “Hugo Boss microwaves fish in the office.” He did however, make sure to clarify that they were the statements of Hugo Boss, not of Hugo Boss.

When asked on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire why he had changed his name, Boss said that he was inspired by Boss Brewing, a small brewery who were left with thousands of pounds in legal bills after a cease and desist letter from the fashion label. He said “I’d like them to give them their money back really, and also promise to stop. And an apology would be nice, Hugo.”

For those people who’ve seen Hugo (neé Joe) and his work before, this is chaotic good energy is very much his brand.

On the last season of his show, he discovered that 1 in 5 London restaurants with a 0 star food hygiene rating were listed on UberEATS. To get them to change their policy, he set up an illegal restaurant in a rubbish skip and listed it on the app. To really drive the message home, he repeatedly delivered food from 0 star restaurants to the UberEATS headquarters London until they got annoyed and promised to review their regulations.

If Joe Lycett starts a union or a revolution, I will join it.

Image Sources: Twitter, YouTube

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