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Jon Deserved Better in the Game Of Thrones Finale

The Game of Thrones finale has left many fans disappointed, especially for Jon Snow’s boring end.

*Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 8 finale, The Iron Throne. Read at your own risk. 

Anyone who’s ever listened to me talk about Game Of Thrones knows that I’ve never been particularly fond of Jon. I won’t deny his importance in previous seasons – he was definitely a hero, and the protagonist of this show even, but I just couldn’t really bring myself to care for him much. I didn’t mind him, but I never loved him.

But even I, notoriously apathetic toward Jon Snow, was so disappointed by his ending in the Game of Thrones finale.

Jon Snow’s Lineage in The Game of Thrones Finale

Do D&D really mean to tell me that Jon, who is supposed to be the hero of this story, who is the true heir to the Targaryen throne, ends up North of the Wall and exiled from society? With literally no more mention of his lineage after Daenarys dies? Is this a goddamn joke?

Can someone tell me what the hell was the point of him being a Targaryen? He could’ve done all this as a bastard, and it wouldn’t have made any difference at all. First they basically gave him like three sentences to say in the whole show, and now this?

For anyone who thinks he needed to be a Targaryen to account for the issues in his relo with Dany – just no.

There are a million other reasons he could have questioned his loyalty to her, and it was clear in this episode that he didn’t kill her over that. He was never worried she’d kill him for being the heir, despite the other’s trying to convince him of this. He killed her because of the danger she presented to the freedom of the world. Jon doesn’t and never did care about his lineage.

So What The Hell Was The Point?

Finding out Jon was a Targaryen took years. It was the single biggest revelation of the show, and it turned out to be absolutely useless. Dany didn’t even care that much – in her last scene, she affectionately asks him to rule with her. And then she dies, and he gets sent away on a life sentence for saving the world from the Mad Queen, which everyone wanted him to do. Okay then.

He should have been the successor to the throne, but you know what? I could live with the idea that someone else rules. (Not fucking Bran though, read about that here). He didn’t necessarily need to be the hero king. It’s not about not getting a happy ending – it’s about the fact that the ending made no sense at all and wasn’t consistent with his character arc. Although at this point in the season, we should be used to GoT character assassinations.

Wasn’t the whole point that Jon Snow was always destined for greater things than Castle Black? He’s a Stark, a Targaryen, some of us even thought he was the Prince that was Promised (yeah, what the hell happened to that story?). I don’t even know why the Night’s Watch still exists – the wall doesn’t need protecting now that there are no White Walkers and the Wildlings are allies. His entire character was culminated not to kill the Night King, but Daenarys, who he didn’t even know for most of the show? It actually would have been better to kill him off than set this story line, which was so unbelievably anti-climatic, which brings me to my next point:

How TF did no one kill Jon Snow?

Greyworm killed all the soldiers that literally surrendered because they didn’t want to fight, but didn’t kill Jon Snow for murdering the queen?! How is it in the Unsullied’s nature to let a traitor live? He’s never shown mercy for anyone that got in the way of Dany, and yet somehow Jon survived as a prisoner instead. The inconsistencies in this show are killing me.

And you know what’s worse? What’s so completely unbelievable and possibly one of the stupidest scenes in this entire goddamn series? Drogon doesn’t dracarys Jon. What the fuck?!

Apparently, Drogon is super smart and knows that it’s really the Iron Throne that killed Dany, not Jon. He totally gets what power does to people. What a clever boy. And so. he destroys the throne to fulfil Dany’s legacy.

What a load of actual bullshit.

And, on top of that, he’s chill with Jon killing his mum.

I just can’t guys. The dragon knows the throne is evil?! Wtf?! Just look at this meme because I don’t even have the words for this.

And on top of that, I can’t believe we were robbed of seeing Jon survive dragon fire. His lineage wasn’t even utilised for that. It would have been a great reveal, and given his character some of the relevance we’ve been yearning for. But no, instead the dragon just ignores him I guess.

Pretty much the only thing with Jon that I felt was great in this episode was his reunion with Ghost. What a good boi! My heart definitely warmed up a tad after sobbing over Drogon and Dany.


What a disappointing end to one of the most important characters of the show.

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