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Jordyn Woods Will Spill The Tea On The Tristan And Kardashian Scandal In A Juicy FB Interview This Friday

This. Is. The. News. We. Want.

Jordyn posted a reeeaaaaal damn suggestive video to her Instagram Live yesterday that showed her walking on to the set of Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’. The slo-mo speed sit down and the fierce facials could only suggest that Jordyn’s milking this scandal for all it’s worth but either way, the post was a taste for what’s to come this Friday.

The tight as heck high pony tail can only suggest one thing, and that is goddamn juicy business is about to go down. Woods hasn’t said a peep since she managed to set light to an absolute firestorm in Hollywood, it’s probably the most infamous cheating/friend breakup/home wrecking incident we’ve seen for like, ever.

Will Jordyn hand over the Mercedes? Will there be tears or smugness? Flick the kettle on kids and grab me the sugar because tea is about to be served.

Image Source: @PopCrave Twitter,  Heir.ie, Giphy

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