How To Jump Back Into The Dating Game After Breakup

Heartbreak. It ain’t easy when a relationship breaks down. The person you thought you had a genuine future with suddenly erased from your life, set to become a mere memory. You mope around the house for a month or two, you’ve devoured the ice cream, cried to your mates and worked hard at your revenge bod. Finally you’re ready to jump back into the dating game. Little do you realise just how daunting it can be to be single, but no need to fear, we got you.

Work Out What You Want

All too often it can be seen, post break up, that someone jumps back into a relationship with a rebound. That person makes you feel wanted, ‘still in the game’, only later to realise that you weren’t ready for a serious love again and now you have to break a heart. Maybe it’s the complete opposite. You’ve jumped from bed to bed only to realise that you actually aren’t after a string of one night stands. Before getting back into the dating game work out what you want. It might just be a casual fling that interests you, or maybe you are ready to search for the one again. Either way, having a game plan and attack will make your approach to dating again a little easier.

Know How You Want To Meet New People

As we all know, there are enough dating apps out there to cater to anyones needs. If you’re wanting to jump back into the pond of fish, understand how you like to meet people. If dating apps are you’re thing, get some mates to help you make a good profile and get swiping. Maybe you’re a little more old school, ask work colleagues to set you up on a blind date. Or simply head out to a bar or club and get chatting to anyone that takes your fancy. Soon enough you’ll find out what approach works best for you.

Be Patient

Getting back into the dating game can be rough and it may even take an emotional toll, so don’t rush yourself. Don’t have high expectations and just let things happen naturally. The less pressure you put on yourself, the more success will come your way. Cliched I know, but it’s true. Things will happen for you when you least expect it.

Stay True To You

After a break up we can often blame ourselves for a relationship breakdown. So we head back out, put on a new front and try to date with a façade on. Let’s be real, it will never work. The more your suppress your true nature, the less successful your dating sitch will be. Don’t pretend to be someone else, people can read through the lies. Just be yourself and in return you will attract the right person.

You Can Also Just Be Single

Maybe you’ve been a notorious relationship hopper in the past, maybe it’s time to take a step back and just enjoy being single. The more you become comfortable with being alone and enjoying you own company the more confident you will become.  Remember that dating and love is only one aspect of life.

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