Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets For You To End Your Week On


So, this week has been a lot. Well I mean, at this point every week is a lot and time is slowly melding into one giant indistinguishable lump of existence, but hey – at least we still have memes, right?

There’s plenty of funny tweets ahead, but naturally we’re going to start off with a zoom meme, because I hear you Melbourne lock-down people crying from your home and I feel for you.

There’s so many good COVID-19 related funny tweets and thank god because I don’t know where I’d be without them.

But really, we’re not on Twitter for that. We’re on twitter for all the absurd jokes about being dead inside, because feels. (If I could feel anything).

Look I’m either obsessed with myself or won’t have a bar of it, there’s no in between.

Anyway, here’s a long list of male audacity in the form of funny tweets for ya.

And also, probably the cutest picture I’ve seen on Twitter this week.

Nice to know we haven’t changed.

And now, for my fave which I’m about to send to my partner.

You can check out a bunch of other funny tweets, here. 

Image Sources: Twitter

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