Kanye Slips A Smile At The Met Gala And The Memes Are Bloody Golden

Kanye doesn’t smile a lot. We’re not quite sure whether it’s because he’s committed to the human equivalent of a headache (Kim K)…or whether his mind is ticking over at such maximum creativity-producing speeds that he physically cannot loosen up his jaw enough to crack a smirk. Whatever we attribute his constant look of defeat to, we wouldn’t know the ‘Ye any other way, right?

Well yesterday’s Met Gala must’ve been a heck of a good time for Kanye. Why? The world spotted him smiling and they don’t know what to do about it. So naturally, when we as a society don’t know what to do, we create memes. Boy has Kanye sparked a new wave of relatable content we didn’t know we needed.

Kanye Smiles Like A Girl In A Bar Smiles When She Runs Into Someone She Doesn’t Like

When You’re Around New People And You Realise You Never Wanna Kick It With Them Again

When Everyone Said You Were Overthinking But Now It’s Happening

Sitting At A Meeting That Could Have Been An Email

Me: [Sees Ex Walking Into The Same Party As I’m In]

Also Me:

Me Making Forced Eye Contact During My Presentations

Me When I’m Out And My Social Battery Suddenly Runs Out

Sources: Twitter, Giphy.

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