Kendall Jenner’s Golden Globe Announcement Was That She Has Acne And We Don’t Know How To Feel

Kris Jenner really lived up to her role as ‘Momager’ last night after posting a 30 second teaser trailer to Instagram showing daughter Kendall Jenner opening up about a ‘raw story’ that was to be announced at this year’s Golden Globes event. *CUE RUMOURS* Ahead of what Kris painted to be a reveal of incredible and inspiring proportions, Kendall candidly talks about something she’s hid behind for years.

Kendall exuded very ‘girl next door’ vibes in blue jeans and a casual tee as she opened up about her decade long mystery struggle with acne. “When I was 14, I couldn’t reach as many people as I can now. Now that I’m twenty-two and I have this whole thing behind me I can speak to so many people and just be like, I can help you”.

The big secret reveal had Kendall admitting that these struggles normalised her, allowing her to better understand and connect with us. Between the time of the teaser and the reveal, theories over the nature of the reveal naturally sent social media into an absolute frenzy. Some fans speculated Kendall would finally address long-standing rumours over her sexuality or that the video was a pre-empt to her coming out over something more grave, such as a sexual assault.

Oh how wrong they were…

So Kendall has acne, well used to. The supermodel star essentially announced she is the new face of Proactiv, making her debut in a promotional video that conveniently coincided with this year’s Golden Globes event. Whilst on the one hand the campaign is a gift to body confidence and the self esteem of us pimple-ridden plebs the world over, we can’t help but feel a little cynical about the timing of it all.

We’re certainly not questioning the legitimacy of Kendall’s pimple perils, rather the real motive behind the reveal.

Obviously Kris was the powerhouse behind upping the hype leading into the Globes which no doubt led to an increase in ratings and engagement on all levels. Ultimately, it was a bit of a flop for us who were expecting Kendall to reveal something a little more juicy, more internet-breaking.

Image Source: Kendall Jenner Facebook Page 

Written by Kiah Frankel

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