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Kim Kardashian West Is Going Full Justice Warrior, Releasing A Prison Reform Doco

The trailer is SICK.

Kim Kardashian West is showing us she’s more than the reality star and cosmetics magnate we think we know. She’s a social justice warrior, fighting for prison reform in America.

KKW has released the trailer for Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, a two-hour doco about her mission to tackle the “mass incarceration problem in the United States”, premiering on Oxygen on April 5.

And, tbh, the trailer looks sick.

The documentary, produced in partnership with Oxygen, will show KKW advocating for prison reform by exploring the cases of four unfairly sentenced (she and her legal team believe) inmates:  Dawn Jackson, Alexis Martin, Momoly Stewart, and David Sheppard.

In the documentary, they will travel to each imprisoned inmate, speak with their families and friends, lobby public officials and consult with lawyers. All to shine a light on their stories, the injustice of the justice system, and (hopefully) bring their release.

KKW says in the trailer that she “went into this knowing nothing” but then her “heart completely opened up. She has been receiving letters from inmates who have made “bad choices after a lifetime of trauma.”

People deserve a second chance.

This is not KKW’s first foray into criminal justice. In 2018, she met with President Trump on behalf of Alice Marie Johnson, a woman serving a life sentence since 1996 for a first-time non-violent cocaine trafficking charge. After their meeting, Trump commuted Johnson’s sentence and she was free.

Since then, KKW has been committed to prison reform, studying to become a lawyer, and has helped commute dozens of life sentences just like Johnson’s.

Yet, despite this noble effort, KKW is still copping shit for The Project and her 100% legit dive into the legal system.

She knows it’s inevitable, but won’t let it get to her.

“It can be exhausting, frustrating, but I know that we can make a difference, and so all the criticism in the world will not deter me from what I want to do,” she told reporters at the Television Critics Association Saturday.

Every case in the documentary, she says, is personal to her and shows “a broken aspect of our system”.

With the series, she hopes that “people can be more empathetic and feel that by giving people, like those featured in The Justice Project, a second chance, there is no danger to our society.”

She says she wants to put faces to the millions that make up statistics.

And does she need to remind you that she is a mother to four black children – who are the most incarcerated people in America, according to Pew Research.

Just to know I can make a difference in my children’s lives and others by helping fix a broken system, that’s so motivating for me.

Look, I’m here for it. Just because she’s part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan doesn’t mean that everything she does is a PR stunt.

Don’t try to tell me that this documentary isn’t going to be enlightening to so many people, and make a positive impact on so many more (not to mention the four inmates at the heart of The Project.

I know what I’ll be doing around April 5. And it involves me going into max-chill mode, with a bucketload of snacks, and a box of tissues (bc you know this one’s gonna be a tear-jerker).

We love to see it, you go Kim!

Image Source: Twitter (@News4SA)

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