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Kim Kardashian-West Sued Missguided For Copying Her Looks And Claimed 2.7 Mill’ For It

Kim Kardashian-West wins lawsuit after suing Missguided months ago for ripping off her looks.

Kim Kardashian-West just won a lawsuit against major fast fashion brand, Missguided, and she got a shittttttt load of money.

Kim K sued the fast fashion company back in February, and the settlement came last night. And she just got $2.7 million USD for it, with $60,000 on top of that for attorney fees (WOW). This comes after she accused Missguided for copying her designer looks, and also using her platform to influence consumers to purchase items. Obvs they did this without her consent.

Missguided didn’t even deny any wrongdoing, making them guilty by default. But I mean, when you really look into a lot of fast fashion apparel, you’ll find that so much of it is just a rip off of top designers. So this isn’t a shocker.

And whilst some of us crave designer looks but deff don’t want to pay designer costs, it’s messed up to cop original ideas. Especially when a brand passes things off like their own designs. So Kim has a fair point.

Seriously, props to Kim for sticking up for the designers in her life that have been around for her major fashion moments. She’s making it known that a lot of work goes in to designing. She literally has items styled months to a year in advance. So, a fast fashion brand copying something she wears overnight is just super annoying.

Not to mention, fast fashion companies have even copied looks designed for Kim by her husband Kanye West, so like she’s obvs not about it.

However, Kim Kardashian has been accused of ripping off a few looks here and there. So, this is a bit controversial. And, Kim’s even been shamed for cultural appropriation on multiple occasions. Her most recent fashion faux pas came from her new shapewear line originally named Kimono Intimates. The name of the line has since been changed, so she did admit some wrongdoing.

But hopefully good will come of this, and fast fashion will sit back to reevaluate their ethics. In the meantime, Missguided has been given specific instructions that they can no longer use Kim’s ‘trademarks in connection with the sale, marketing or distribution of its products’.

Image Source: @KimKardashian. 

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