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KISS Will Be Performing For Great White Sharks, And Yes You Read That Correctly

I swear I’m not pulling ya leg.

Of all the wild things you expect legendary rock ‘n roll bands to do, playing an exclusive concert for eight fans and the Great White population of the Indian Ocean definitely isn’t one of them.

But that is what is happening next month. It’s part of Airbnb’s Animal Experiences and boy have they stepped up their game offering us the opportunity to party with KISS and a bunch of huge fish.

The lucky few peeps who manage to snag a ticket to the rarest concert on the planet are in for a treat. Apparently sharks are attracted to low frequency sound – which rock music happens to be a great source of. So if you like being surrounded by friendly water giants, well, love that for you. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a literal mosh pit though.

How The Heck Will This Work?

There’s a tonne of rumours floating around that the shark-rock-loving fans will be submerged in the water. According to Airbnb, the human audience members won’t be in the water. They’ll watch the sharks jamming to iconic tunes in an ‘Aqua Sub’ (basically a glass bottom boat). Probs a good decision – who knows how rowdy Great Whites get at concerts?

KISS are doing it for a great reason too, the proceeds will all go to the Marine Conservation Society. The organisation does a lit job protecting marine ecosystems, and who doesn’t love partying with a purpose?

Tickets go on sale 14th of October. We just hope sharks know how to rock ‘n roll all nite. Yeah, I’ll see myself out here.

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