Kmart Just Bought An Online Discount Site And My Cart Is Already Full

Wesfarmers bought out Catch Group for a cool $200 mill’.

One who enters Kmart simply will not come out empty handed. $20 faux fur pet lounge? My apartment ain’t animal friendly but yes plz I’m sold. Hanging wall shelves I won’t get around to hanging for months? Cha-ching. Add it to the damn cart.

And at a time when retail therapy temptations are higher than ever (cue exam time and below 18 degree/windy as hell days), your our Kmart addiction is about to reach a whole new level of crazy. The multi-billion dollar cooperative Wesfarmers have just bought out one of Australia’s oldest and largest online retailers, Catch Group for a whopping $200 million.

Catch launched back in 2006 with an online discount platform that would offer online bargain hunters with a single discount product every 24 hours. Catch has since transformed into an online discount platform with a customer base of over 1 million, and offers an enormous selection of discounted items.

Wesfarmers handed over a cool $200 million for Catch, and it’s expected that all Wesfarmers-owned stores (including Kmart and Target) will undergo a huge up-scale in their online platforms. One quick scroll on Catch and they’re slingin’ half price Vitamixes (it’s soup season, ladies). You can also cop some $19 North Face threads – because puffer jackets are a cult-like phenomena you need to get around.

The buy-out offers Wesfarmers a whole new sphere of digital reach so essentially, you can expect to be handing over unnecessary amounts of dollars for things you probably definitely don’t need. But hey, if that 3 tier desk organiser makes you feel better about your existential crisis, you go right ahead darlin’.

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