Krispy Kreme Is Doing Rick And Morty Themed Donuts And They’re Out Of This Multiverse

There’s a fleeb juice shake, too.

Rick and Morty fans, get excited – Krispy Kreme is releasing a new donut range today, based on all your fave Rick and Morty references.

Krispy Kreme x Rick and Morty is giving fans three new donut flavours, and a new milkshake.

There’s the Pickle Rick donut (with an actual white chocolate pickle Rick), the Strawberry Smiggle donut, and then Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie (there’s def more white chocolate strawberry truffle than wafer cookie, and it’s a damn blessing), and of course, the Fleeb Juice shake.

I gotta say, when I first saw the Pickle Rick donut I had some… doubts – but I promise you, after a very careful taste test, it definitely does not taste like pickles.

In fact, it has lemon creme filling that’s just the right balance between tangy and sweet, so I can attest that it is in fact, delicious.

The Strawberry Smiggle is the iconic Original Glazed, with a strawberry filling and topped with marshmallows, confetti and meringue, with no intestinal residue whatsoever.

Then there’s the Fleeb Juice shake – and yes, I know even the most militant Rick and Morty fans are def hesitating to try anything Fleeb-related, but don’t worry – it’s def not Fleeb excretion flavoured. In fact, it’s raspberry based, so you’re fine.

You can grab ’em in most local Krispy Kreme stores – just check online to see which one’s are participating, and then dial up the coordinates into your portal gun.

Image Sources: Krispy Kreme, Adult Swim, Netflix 

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