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Kylie Jenner Has Threatened Legal Action Against An Aussie Company For Her ‘Rise And Shine’ Trademark And Far Out

We get it, you’re rich. Pls leave small businesses alone.

Jenner is taking her business antics to the next level and people are not happy about it. The youngest member of the Kardashian clan trademarked the ‘rise and shine’ phrase from a video she posted that went viral earlier this month. If you’ve managed to avoid seeing the clip/related memes I envy you.

So basically Kylie trademarked this phrase even though it has been used for yonks and has to be on a bajillion Kmart PJs already. She sold hoodies with the phrase on it through her website for $65 a pop and they are still sold out. Who the heck is buying them?

But here’s where it gets personal – the Australian apparel company Cased Clothing has been selling tees with the phrase ‘rise and shine’ on them for over a year. Their design has zero relevance to Jenner and the viral vid, it just has a sun and palm trees on it. Well Kylie didn’t like this, so decided to issue them a cease and desist letter.

Cased Clothing is run by a Gold Coast family with a passion for motorsport. I can almost guarantee they have no interest in anything Jenner has said or done. Besides, they’ve been selling the shirt for over a year already. How is this fair?

It’s not, but we all know that what the Kardashians want, they tend to get. It’s bloody ridiculous that a make-up mogul is deciding to screw over an Aussie family business.

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