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Lady Gaga Wants To Pull Her R Kelly Collab Off Spotify After His Recent Assault Accusations

“You can’t have my heart, and you won’t use my mind but, do what you want with my body”. These are the lines Lady Gaga belted out alongside R. Kelly on their hit single “Do What U Want (With My Body)” back in 2013. In a Twitter post overnight, Gaga has apologised for ever collab-ing with the RNB singer and has described the whole range of sexual assault allegations made against him as ‘absolutely horrifying and indefensible’.

The release of the six part docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly aired this week in the US alongside its launch, decades worth of sexual assault allegations made against the artist have resurfaced. R. Kelly strongly denies these allegations, as he has done throughout the entire length of his career.

Surviving R. Kelly is a heart-wrenching exposé of the artist’s playboy life and sexed up music career. In what are a collection of extremely emotional interviews, survivors bravely detail the sexual assault they endured throughout R. Kelly’s career. It’s undeniable that these survivors continue to grapple with their experiences today.

In light of the allegations resurfacing, the lyrics to Gaga and R. Kelly’s collab song now emanate a disturbingly grave picture tainted by very real, still very much unforgivable assaults made against both women and children throughout R. Kelly’s career.

Gaga has acted swiftly to denounce the singer, stating that her decision is a result of both the docu-series and the enduring scars of her own personal experiences with sexual assault. She intends to pull the single from iTunes and a whole bunch of other streaming platforms.

In her post Gaga apologises for ever collab-ing with R. Kelly and says that initially the release of the song was a ‘defiant and provocative act’ against her past experiences. She later admits that her decision to release the song clearly indicates how ‘explicitly twisted’ her thinking was, confessing she hadn’t properly processed her own traumas.

Gaga’s decision is a brave and inspiring attempt to place a comforting hand on the shoulders of assault victims the world over. We certainly praise her for managing to add an element of hope to what is an extremely difficult topic.

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