Lady Gaga Fell Off The Stage In A Fan’s Arms And I Can’t Stop Laughing

Watch the video and try not to laugh yourself.

Lady Gaga was performing her Enigma show at the Park MGM Theatre in Las Vegas yesterday, where an unfortunate mishap occurred. As most pop-stars do, she invited a member of the audience up on stage to be apart of her show. It is obvious that she had chosen the strongest, bulkiest bloke she could find, because she wanted to climb up all over him, as part of her act. As you do.

Anyway, maybe not the best judgement there, Gaga, as your climbing partner wasn’t a strong as he looks. Check out what happened next for yourself.

I can only imagine how it feels to be Lady Gaga tumbling down mid-song, in front of thousands of fans. But even more so, I can only imagine how it feels to be the poor sod who dropped her.

In all seriousness, the fall looks kinda painful, it’s lucky neither of them had any serious injuries. And i’m not the only one who thinks that, apparently fans had thought Gaga was dead. Maybe a slight over reaction, but we’ll work with it.

Gaga resurrected from her assumed death and handled the situation very gracefully. The lad was apparently crying after the incident and Gaga urged him not to blame himself. She performed the next song with him and asked people to please not bully him online, saying “it takes two to tango.”

Props to you Gaga, I don’t know how nice I would be after being dropped on my head.

You go Glen Coco.

Image Sources: Twitter 

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