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Lady Gaga Is Now Single Which Means A Cooper-Gaga Fairytale Is On The Cards

After watching A Star Is Born (5 shameless times) and crowding my Spotify with the soundtrack (plus acoustic versions, of course) soon after, it doesn’t really make sense that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper aren’t happily married and basking in their perfect, musically bound love IRL. I just don’t know how the world is still turning despite this tragedy.

But in recent hours Lady Gaga has announced her and ex-fiancรฉ, Christian Carino have called off their engagement. We are now one HUGE step closer to a Cooper-Gaga fairytale ending and fans are beside themselves.

There is still one minor obstacle blocking the total fruition of this match made in musical heaven (Cooper’s model wife of four years, Irina Shayk and their child), but fans are still hopeful. Frankly, so am I.

It was only a few weeks ago that theories of a love affair between the two surfaced after Cooper’s surprise appearance at Gaga’s Las Vegas show. The two belted out ‘Shallow’, sharing some very intimate moments on stage together. The whole world watched on in total awe and so naturally we’ve all become Gaga-Cooper obsessed.

Whilst the two have defended their platonic relationship on multiple occasions in the past, the rest of us are not convinced. We may be blessed with a Cooper-Gaga fairytale after all, or we may not. Whatever the outcome, A Star Is Born will remain widely available for us all to binge on and the soundtrack will live on for us all to bleed our eardrums dry.

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