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Lady Gaga Killed The Met Gala Pink Carpet And I Am Deceased

The night of nights for the fashion elites has kicked off, and as expected, everyone is going mad for the dresses. Couture dresses, suits and head pieces have been strutting the iconic Met stairs, in the theme of Camp: Notes on Fashion. Going into this, we all expected big statements, humour, parody, feathers, and of course plenty of glitter. And while there have been some pretty brilliant, show stopping attempts, none have made as much of an impact as Queen Gaga.

As co-host of the evening, she was going to have top pull out all the stops. And that she did. From the platinum wig, to the gold XXL lashes, Gaga was here to slay. And that enormous pink billowy dress was a statement and a half.




But then, things started to happen… Designer Brandon Maxwell, who was helping her navigate the steps in her yards of fabric, began untying bows, and pulling down zips. And then.



Excuse me Gaga, who gave you the right?! The second dress was a sleek black dream. And that side bustle is everything I didn’t know I needed in my life. And just when you thought she was done, that cheeky Maxwell came around again with scissors and another zip.



This hot pink pencil dress is ev-ry-thing and I adore it. Accessorising with over sized sun glasses and a 90s style mobile/clutch, Gaga fixed her lipstick and had an assistant brush her hair. And the facial expressions, the over acting, just everything Gaga is doing is deliciously campy. Talk about meeting the brief.

By now everyone’s expecting her to be done. She going to head up the stairs and into the building and the show will go on. But no. She had one more layer to go.

lady-gaga-met-gala 2

met-gala-lady-gaga 2

Yep. This absolute icon of a woman stripped down into a glittery bra and panties and strutted and rolled her way up the steps. Could it possibly get any better?

Honestly, the answer is no. While there were some contenders, Lady Gaga opened the carpet with this 16 minute display. Whoever came next must have been quaking in their Manolo Blahniks because this was legendary. It was pure 2008 Gaga showwomanship and I have died and gone to heaven.

You can watch the full extravaganza below.

Lady Gaga, we bow down.


Image Source: Twitter @charlotteh2208, GIPHY

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