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Last Minute Essentials For Splendour In The Grass

The countdown is on.

The countdown is on, and we aren’t talking weeks, we are talking hours. Splendour is just around the corner, and we’re hoping you have all your camping essentials packed, from the gumboots to the tent. But for those of who are a little late to the game, we have you covered.

I mean, sticky festival situations have happened to the best of us, whether it be losing your mates and you have a dead phone that you can’t contact anyone with. Or even worse, you’re about to contract trench foot cause you forgot your gumboots. So here is your last minute Splendour packing list, with everything from a car jump starter to the perfect raincoat. Or whatever the dire situation may be.

Power Banks Galore

This trusty little charging pack will be your best friend over the festival weekend. Although a dead iPhone battery shouldn’t be a damper on your experience, there is no denying you’re gonna’ want to capture Childish Gambino’s ripper of a show. The best thing about the power pack is it has a nifty in build LED torch, which will make the midnight trip from tent to toilet nice and easy.

Waterproof Jacket

If we have learnt anything from Splendours of the past, is that the weather can be unpredictable. One minute the sun is beaming and the next the winds have picked up and the rains are coming. A rain jacket will not only keep you dry, but warm in the evenings, and protect you from the ghastly winds.

Now, I’m not talking some ugly yellow raincoat you used to wear in primary school, there are plenty of great waterproof jackets you can pick up for a reasonable price. Plus most are lightweight and easy to pack and The Iconic has you covered here (just make sure you express delivery that bad boy.)

An Actually Decent Phone Case

Now we aren’t implying that you’re gonna be completely submerged in water and mud the entirety of Splendour, but just in case it decides to bucket down, or the mud eats your best friend up… this case from Seaquatix will keep all your essentials completely protected. The case will not only protect your phone, but also allows you to store cash and cards inside. It’s the perfect item for a messy music festival like Splendour.

Garbage Bags (Because You’ll Forget About Them)

For some this is a no brainer, but sometimes you forget how useful these little suckers can be. They are a quick, easy purchase from Woolies, but the humble garbage bag becomes very versatile at a festival like Splendour. Perfect for packing away dirty clothes, waterproofing bags or even transforming into a poncho, for those who didn’t want to invest in a waterproof jacket.

Power Bank and Car Jump Starter

The ‘big Daddy’ of power banks…

This one is a little more of an investment, but totally worth it. The last thing you want after a long weekend of partying is to jump into the car and find out you have a flat battery. Rather than searching the campsite for a friendly festival-goer to share some power love, you can use this gadget to jump start your vehicle quick smart. It’s conveniently sized so it will easily fit in the glove box or even your backpack. Plus if you’re desperately in search for some power during the festival you can also rely on the power bank included, to charge any USB device.

Tent Marker

For those of you heading to Splendour for the first time, we have pre-warned you, there is gonna be a whole heap of people, and a sh*t load of tents. Stand out amongst the crowds and bring something that is gonna allow you to identify your tent at any time of day. Whether it be a bright coloured flag, a stuffed toy or a fancy looking tent itself; having something that stands out will make the route back to camp after a long day of partying much easier.

All Of The Speakers

Your favourite acts are over for the day and you’re down for some chill time back at the campsite. This LASER speaker is perfect for playing some of your own tunes, or to relive Tame Impala’s set from the day before. It’s got Bluetooth as well so you can stream straight from your smartphone. Plus, with eight hours of battery life, you can make it last over the course of the festival.

Shower Items, Minus The Shower

Be warned, the shower lines at Splendour are long, real long. Unless you’re planning on showering through Foal’s set, be prepared for shower struggles. A more efficient option? Baby wipes, dry shampoo, hand sanitiser and lots of deodorant. There are plenty of toiletry hacks that will keep you clean over the Splendour weekend, no water needed.

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