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Last Minute Gift Ideas When You Have No Cash

There comes a time over the holidays when our bank accounts start to cry from lack of funds, especially when there’s still gifts left on the shopping list. In this situation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, however there’s a sneaky way around this that requires next to no money. DIY gifts are a great way to share the spirit of giving on Christmas while you’re low on cash, with the bonus of the gifts being more heartfelt and personal. With some time and effort, and possibly some sweat and tears you can whip some presents that look better than those you find on Etsy.

#1 Scrabble Letter Name Board

If you have an old Scrabble board game that is collecting dust in your cupboard, chances are you’ll be able to use the letter pieces for a gift. If scrabble isn’t something you’ve had the joy of partaking in, you can also make the pieces if you’re feeling extra creative. You can use the letters to spell out the names of family members or a friendship group, in a Scrabble game fashion. Place the letters on patterned (or plain) cardboard of your choice and place in a frame to either hang or place on the mantelpiece. Not only is this gift cute, but it’ll look like you spent cash money on getting a professional to specially make it.

#2 Tea Cup Candle

For anyone with a tea or coffee obsession, this idea is perfect. And don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think. Just gather together any teacup, wax adhesive, wax flakes, a preferred fragrance oil and a candle wick. The process of making the candle is easy peasy. You place the wax adhesive in the bottom of the cup, along with the bottom of the wick. Set the tea cup aside, then add the wax flakes until they’re all melted down. Once the wax is melted all that’s left to do is to add the chosen scent to the mixture, give yourself a pat on the back and admire your candle.

#3  A Jar Of 100 Reasons

There’s a huge chance you’ve seen this on the internet at some point in your life, but it is a guaranteed gift to make a loved one feel special. It’s as easy as getting a glass mason jar, a pen and coloured paper. On the paper you’re to write messages on tiny pieces of paper and fold them into the jar. It could be 100 Reasons why you love them, or if you’re feeling especially committed, you could write 365 notes for everyday of the year.

#4 A Good Old-Fashioned Scrapbook

Nothing makes a person more delightfully nostalgic than looking back on old (and sometimes embarrassing) photos. These days having physical copies of photos is pretty uncommon, so to create a scrapbook with a collection of memories is a great gift idea for a boyfriend or best friend. Printing photos is super cheap, just look in your wallet or around the house for spare coins and take a trip to your nearest Office Works.

#5 Love Coupons

Just like the discount coupons your grandmother collects, these will be helpful for a girlfriend/ boyfriend. With each coupon, you can write down ideas such as “date night on me”, “massage for an hour with no complaints” or “your choice of movie with no arguments”. These provide free opportunities for quality time that your loved one will surely appreciate. Even making coupons for your parents for things like “making dinner” or “washing Mum’s car” will become a useful gift in any situation.

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