Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Price Range

We love all you mothers out there. But look, we’re not exactly the best generation when it comes to time management. In fact if anything our legendary mums often know this the most, but that excuse might not go down too well come Sunday.

So no matter your budget, if you have left it till the last minute (like the rest of us), we’ve put together some gift options and ideas that’ll keep you in the good books.


Right In The Feels Hamper

Sometimes it’s the feels that do the trick, and they often do said trick when you have very limited cash in the bank. So for this one, do some stalking over the next few days – grab some cute photos, some little bits and pieces that have hidden meanings or bring back memories. Find a nice little basket or box and throw them in (wrap them up if willing extra nifty).

Exciting for her, she’ll never forget it and you spend nothing but a few hours putting it together.

Photo Collage / Scrapbook

Underrated stuff this. With the intro of tech, we’ve seen digital photo frames, Facebook and all types of other photo-replacing outlets. So why not throw it back? Grab a whole bunch of photos, scan them (some black and white, some colour) and stick them in a scrapbook or big chart paper. Scribble some thoughts under each pic, and done.

Again requires a bit of effort, but you’ll be the fave child for months (if you weren’t already.)

Chef For The Day

Round up the cheap siblings and brush your kitchen skills for mum. Normally you might chuck in a bit of cash and group buy something, but why not treat mum for a day and serve her for a whole day? Hopefully you have some basic cooking skills, go simple recipes and she’ll love the idea of you cooking for her – that’s if you don’t burn the house down.


Bamboo Cheese Board Set @ Gifts Australia

$29.00 | Buy Here

Let’s be honest most of our mum’s are cheese and wine fiends, and if they claim not to be they’re probably just lying from themselves. This little piece won’t set you back much at all and will be a certain staple at every future dinner party.

Plenty of bragging for little cost.

Prosecco & Strawberries @ Hard To Find

$48.00 | Buy Here

Sometimes it’s honestly just the simple things that get the job done. If mum has a sweet tooth and loves some indulgence, grab her this little box. Made entirely out of different chocolates, it’s the ultimate indulgence – and best of all mum feels classy af eating it. What calories?

Mini Diffuser Trio @ Dusk

$25.00 | Buy here

Meanwhile, if scents and ambience are more her vibe a trip to Dusk will sort you out. Their Mini Diffuser Trio comes with three (surprise) fragrance diffusers perfect to light any room up.


Mother’s Day Hamper @ Hamper Me

$50.00 – $80.00 | Buy Here

These have become all the rage and are really perfect for you time poor kids out there. If you’re just looking to get the gifts sorted asap and with plenty of class you have a winner. Hamper Me have a nice little range of hampers, from cute and affordable to bigger masterpieces if that’s your vibe.

Goodie Bag

An upgrade on the Feels Hamper above, just replace some of the more nostalgic memory items with smaller, but more physical/useable items. Think candles, coffee mugs, tea, planners, pillows, homeware etc. Look, just go to Typo and you’ll be sorted.

Lenovo 7” Tablet @ JB Hi Fi

$98.00 | Buy Here

Mum not super tech-friendly? We’ve likely all been there. Lenovo are currently producing the most budget tablet on the market, and coming in under $100, it’s a huge steal. Welcome mum into the 21st century, on a device that shouldn’t give her too many problems if she isn’t used to tech.

And should she somehow manage to break it, at least it’s not a huge financial loss. Just accept you are going to be her tech support.

2 x Sagitine Milan Shoe Box @ The Store

$96.00 (for two) | Buy Here

Image result for Sagitine Milan Shoe Box

I don’t know about you guys, but my mum definitely has a love for the aesthetic – particularly shoes. This modern set of shoe holders is a must for any chic-friendly mum who is all about the fashion.


Monogrammed Wallet / Jewellery Case @ The Horse

$194.00 (with monogram) | Buy Here

This one all comes down to time and your willingness to maybe dish out some more $$ for a rush order. But the monogrammed accessory market has become a huge winner for gifts – who knew adding initials onto a wallet, bag, or general accessory item would make such a difference?

Proof even a slight personal touch goes a long way.

90 Minute Home Massage @ ZenNow

$135.00 | Buy Here

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

RELAX. No seriously, ultimate relaxation coming your mum’s way. ZenNow are killing this space right now and offer probably the best value for home massages, with also 45 and 60 minutes massages ($75 and $95 respectively.)

Get mum feeling super chill, without her even having to leave home.



$On quote | More Info

Mum finishing off a project, or needing to? Easy solution. You can order someone of Airtasker to finish a bunch of stuff mum has been meaning to get around to – and at a pretty reasonable price (of course depending on what exactly you need done.)

Airbnb Weekend

$200-$500 | Buy Here

Image result for airbnb australia

If spontaneity is your mum’s vibe, maybe a sporadic weekend away will do the trick? You can easily jump onto Airbnb and plan a sporadic night or two for the weekend. Let her and dad or some family / another mum get away for a quick weekend.

And if you’re really creative, get another mate involved whose mum is also friends with yours and half the price. #win


Glamping Hub Experience @ Red Balloon

$500-$700.00 | Buy Here 

Camping perhaps looses it’s appeal as you get a bit older (perhaps.. not definitely!) So why not give mum the full on glamping experience? Give her the amazing adventure of camping somewhere super fabulous in ultimate style. Not a cockroach in sight.

HTC U Play @ JB Hi Fi

$649.00 | Buy Here

Made for the mum who can’t stop taking photos but needs to stop taking pics with the iPad in public – not okay. The HTC is reasonably priced for an outright phone, has arguably one of the best cameras and will do the job for non-technical mums, but they can still brag about it with friends. It’s chic, modern design will make even the most simple mother into a classy woman.

Image sources: Not On The High Street, Hard To Find, Hamper Me, The Store, The Horse, Red Balloon, ZenNow, HTC.

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