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Last Minute Travel Essentials You Defs Need Before Your Eurotrip

Packing your bags for multiple destinations and activities around Europe is a skill that takes time to master. Seriously, I feel like I almost need a personal trainer for my travels at times (can someone pls organise this? Especially for a Eurotrip kthx).

If you prefer to leave things to the last minute (because why not stress yourself out before a major flight?) We’ve teamed up with Travel Insurance Direct* to whip up a simple list of what you might be missing. And for those travellers who prefer to pack two weeks in advance, this one’s also for you! Because whether you’re super organised, or last minute, when do we ever remember everything?

#1 Portable Charger(s)

All of us have experienced (at least once) the pain of operating on low battery antd not having any access to a charger or appropriate power point. It sucks. And it’s damn bloody stressful. Plus, if you want to keep your Insta fans up to date (don’t pretend like you don’t…), you’re going to need a charged up phone. So chargers are naturally essential – heck, they’re an investment.

Honestly go more than one too. There’s a good chance that you’ll leave it somewhere in a hostel never to see it again. Pack two or three, one or two that are pocket sized, and maybe a bigger one for your backpack – perfect for those multi-hour trains and busses between countries.

#2 (Actual) In-Flight Entertainment

Eurotrip long hauls can be a pain without having something to do – and let’s be honest, who really sleeps through the whole journey?

So, if you haven’t already discovered that you can download your fave TV shows and movies on Netflix/Stan, get on it immediately. Download a bunch of your faves and be tactical with your choices. Because god knows watching The Avengers or How I Met Your Mother re-runs, on a little airplane screen, when the person in front of you reclines right back into your face, will push you to the edge of sanity.

#3 First Aid Kit

Whether you’re a nervous flyer, prone to pain from regular travel, or have bad allergies, you’re going to want to be prepared with any sickness or misfortune that strikes. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, “thanks for the tip, mum”. But boy, this is where our mothers’ overzealous care for us being in another country comes very handy.


Create a list of the things you think you may have trouble finding in a foreign pharmacy and pack it! Think Travacalm, probiotics and allergy medication, or literally anything mum would normally suggest (heck, even call her and ask, this is her time to shine).

#4 Walking, Comfy Shoes

We get it. You’re going on a Eurotrip primarily for beach parties, amazing (and cheap) food, and large nights on the town. Most of which might not require a supportive shoe equivalent (aka loafers or heels).

But I seriously recommend taking one comfort-over-fashion pair of shoes, because you will no doubt be doing a tonne of exploring. Now, I’m not saying to completely throw fashion out of the picture, but just keep in mind that if you think your exploring shoes are going to result in band aids or blisters, forget them. Europe is possibly the best place in the world to explore by foot, and nothing says game over more than when your feet start to hurt.

#5 Google Translate

Or in other words, your lifesaver. Download immediately if you don’t have it.

Whether it’s trying to communicate with locals, understanding street signs or even paying for food/drinks, Google Translate is the modern day hero you didn’t know you’d need. With so many languages used in Europe, you’ll honestly be surprised at how much GT can do these days. From translating on the go conversations, to reading foreign words in images, to finding and translating local languages automatically – you don’t want it, you need it.

Honourable Mentions

~ A copy of your passport (no brainer).

~ A decent pair of headphones for commuting.

~ A third ID form other than your passport and license.

~ Multiple pairs of sunnies, you will lose one pair.

~ Guys, linen shirts and multi-purpose boots.

~ Girls, open leg summer dresses and at least one scarf.

Are you heading over to Europe soon for a #FOMO inducing trip? Yeah, we’re jealous so what? You’ve probably got some sweet plans sorted, and if you haven’t already, make sure you check out your travel insurance with TID right here*. Let them do all the boring paperwork, you do the exploring, parties and Instragamin’. Have a sick time!

* T&C’s apply, please refer to TID for the full list of deets.

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