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Late Night Eats in Sydney For Before You Head Home

After countless beers, a handful of conversations you can’t remember and at least one shot too many, there’s only one thing that will save you from the doom of your impending sobriety – finger lickin’ good food. Before you settle for McDonalds or that questionable kebab, cast your eyes to the list below.

Despite what the lockout laws may tell you, these guys are still open for food well into the night. And maybe even a night cap.

Big Poppa’s

This new kid on the block is serving up cheese with a side of straight up gangster rap every night- and the dinner menu is as good as the cocktails. Boasting The Lobo Plantation and Kittyhawk as sister venues, you know you can’t go wrong.

Open until 3am

Golden Century

If you’re after a simple buzz and a full table of food, head to China Town’s late night staple. Prices are reasonable but service can be a tad clumsy. Still, it’s perfect for a squad feed (as long as you’re okay with live tanks).

Open until 4am

Smoking Panda

These slingers have been skirting around the lock out laws since they first came in, via a combination of licensing loop holes and cheeky brazenness. Enjoy contemporary takes on favourite Chinese eats and finger food, while raising a middle finger to the man. All without breaking the law.

Open until 3am

Pancakes on the Rocks

It may not be the “coolest” mention on this list, but Pancakes on the Rocks has something its competitors don’t – 24-hour access. For when you can’t decide if you want a steak or a short stack, but you definitely want a bottle of wine, leave your judgement at the door and chow down.

Open 24 hours

Low 302

With late night jazz and dinner reservations available until 2am, Low 302 has a speak easy vibe with restaurant quality food. There may even be a DJ.

Open until 2am

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Michelle is a self-described epicure who loves depriving herself of sleep and then complaining about it. When she’s not writing, acting, or biting off more than she can chew, you can find her at The Lobo Plantation holding a rum old-fashioned.

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